Fun things to do in Wesley Chapel, FL

Wesley Chapel is a lovely part of the Tampa Bay Area metro. This is where a lot of people with young children move to. This is a very safe place to live in. The homes are great, the schools are amazing, and the weather is always nice. What more is there to ask for? Well, Wesley Chapel actually has a lot of fun things to do. This isn’t a boring part of the city. This is where having fun is possible in so many different places. And something like this is actually valuable information for some parents. There are children who only find being outside of the house fun and when you live in a boring place, it can be very hard to entertain children. But Wesley Chapel is nothing like that and we are here to tell you about all the fun things to do in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Shopping at Wiregrass

Not only children want to have fun, but adults also do too. And what better way to make your day a bit more fun and a lot better than to go shopping. And not just shopping anywhere. We are talking about shopping in a lovely outdoor mall called Wiregrass. This is where you will find plenty of small shops owned by the locals. Here is where you can also sit and have a nice lunch or dinner with your friends or family. There are a lot of things to see and do here. Plus, we can’t forget to mention the fact that this mall looks very nice.

A girl doing the shopping.
Shopping is always a fun experience.

Harry Hopman/Saddlebrook International Tennis

If you are someone who finds physical activity fun or just overall important, this tennis court complex will have your heart. All people who love tennis live in Wesley Chapel and nearby come here to practice and spend the day. This is heaven on Earth for children. While you are playing tennis, they could be enjoying by the pool and vice versa. And as it can get very hot in Florida, this would be a great way to cool down on a sunny day and also spend some time outside in the sun.

The most amazing part about this is that you don’t even have to come to play tennis here. Ther is also a lovely restaurant here with amazing food and we think that one of the most fun things to do in Wesley Chapel is definitely eating this amazing food. If you were moving with a family in a hurry, this is the perfect place to relax.


It is no secret that going to the cinema is one of the most fun things you can do. And if you agree, you will be thrilled to find out that Wesley Chapel has an amazing cinema that goes by the name CineBistro. They say that this is the perfect date spot in town. This is a cinema where you can actually sit in a restaurant and eat fancy food and drink wine. And yes, you can actually watch the movie and eat great food. They serve plenty of types of food. This isn’t a common thing to have in a city but it surely is an amazing one. This place alone can make you move to Wesley Chapel with

A cinema.
Going to the cinema will never be boring.

Spa at Saddlebrook Resort

Even after you move hassle-free to your Wesley Chapel home, you will still need to relax a little. And the perfect place to go to when you live in Wesley Chapel is the spa that you can find at the Saddlebrook Resort that we mentioned earlier. Plenty of people have said good things about this spa. It is very nice and a modern place and going there will never be a bad idea. After a long week at work, this is where you need to relax. Don’t forget to visit the restaurant after you finish with the spa and the massages.

Florida Hospital Center Ice

If you are someone who likes the cold weather and sports on ice, you will be thrilled that you won’t be missing out on that even if you live in a hot state such as Florida. Wesley Chapel actually has an ice hall where you can play hockey or just ice skate. This is also one of the things that you won’t find everywhere and it definitely is one of the most fun things to do in Wesley Chapel. Imagine how nice spending a few hours of ice skating during a hot day must be.

Even playing hockey in Wesley Chapel is possible.

Lexington Oaks Golf Club

As we are talking about fun things to do in Wesley Chapel, Florida, we have to mention at least one golf club. And when it comes to Wesley Chapel, Lexington Oaks Golf Club is where most people go golfing. This is a great place for spending time with your friends and family. The golf courses are amazing and there is plenty of nature to enjoy. If you are moving from California to Florida, this will surely be one of your favorite places.

Plenty of other things

These are just only a couple of things that we think you will find fun because we do. But have in mind that there are plenty of other fun things to do in Wesley Chapel. There are plenty of amazing restaurants with food from all over the world. There are also bars and pubs where you can have a drink or two with your friends.

You could also have a lot of fun outside. There are plenty of small lakes and ponds in Wesley Chapel. There are bike lanes and fields where you could have picnics with your family. This is all considered to be fun and we think you should definitely move to Wesley Chapel.

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