Fun facts about Big Sur, CA

Big Sur is without a doubt one of the most interesting and beautiful places in the US. Some might even claim that it is the best in the world. In thought, whichever way you look at it still is one of the most breathtaking places you could visit. Although it is an undeveloped coastline in California it still is one of the places that attract a lot of visitors and many people making plans to move in. The reason for this is untouched nature and beautiful views of the countryside, beaches, and the ocean. With its popularity, it is good to know some fun facts about Big Sur that you might find interesting.

About Big Sur

If you take a ride 150 miles south of San Francisco on the Scenic Highway one you will surely notice the beauty of Big Sur. It is a 90-mile-long stretch of rugged coastline with the most beautiful views. This Big Sur stretch is confined between the Santa Lucia Mountains and the Pacific Coast. Once known as El Sur Grande or The Big South, Big Sur today is a part of unexploited and untouched natural beauty that is beautiful land great to explore. However, although you might wish to move here and although many people come and visit every year, Big Sur seems to stay vacant. With over 6 million people visiting it seems that Mod Movers Monterey CA is not that busy moving people in. As a playground for the rich, this area of California has only about 1500 residents.

A rock formation and beach
With many secluded and beautiful areas, Big Sur boasts its unprecedented beauty

This might be one of the fun facts about Big Sur but it is a good thing. The national laws from 1972 are still protecting this coastline from development. This is preserving the natural beauty of the area making it unique and still breathtaking. However, there are options for buying a beach house here, if you can afford it. This is also in line with the fact that electricity arrived here in the 1950s. Also, it is still not widely adopted as there are remote mountainous areas that are still beyond the reach of electricity. Besides these, when talking about Big Sure there are more things to know about.

  • The weather
  • The grandure
  • Natural diversity
  • The inspiration
  • Active visit


The weather in Big Sur is mild here due to the proximity to the coast it can be quite extreme during the day. Low valleys can have damp and foggy mornings while the days can be quite warm. Nights can be quite chilly so the temperature extremes can be quite drastic during the day. If you are visiting plan for both warm and hot weather as you will experience these changes.

Natural diversity

When it comes to nature Big Sur is a place of stunning diversity. It is home to the rare Santa Luca Fir that is present on the ridges of the Santa Luca Mountains. At the same time, you can find the Monterey Pine here as well as some broadleaved trees. This is a place where you can also find wild Russian boars and other protected species. This is why there are certain protected areas and national parks here that are here to protect this beautiful diversity and wilderness.

Highway one View
One of the fun facts about Big Sur – there are plenty of breathtaking views along the Big Sur Highway one

The inspiration

With its grandeur and beauty, Big Sur has always been an inspiration. To date, it is a subject of music and songs, poems and stories. Both the Beach Boys and Red Hot Chilly Peppers are inspired by this area and mentioned it in their songs. Even Orson Welles owned a home here. Although it might seem out of reach if you are also inspired by Big Sure you can plan to move here. If you do be sure that nearby experts can jump in to help you out with your relocation.

The grandure

The grandeur of Big Sur is quite apparent. Stunning vistas reveal a rugged mountainous area with diverse forests and nature. There are beautiful places where the ocean meets the coast that provide unparalleled experiences. Know for its spectacular beauty Big Sur certainly can’t disappoint. With many tourists, coming into this part of Monterey County the businesses are also starting up or moving in and expanding to this area.

With a drive over the Bixby bridge, you will have the best view of the ocean. This bridge is one of the most photographed bridges in California.  One interesting fact about the bridge is that it was built by prisoners looking to get their sentences shortened. Even today it still remains one of the highest single-span bridges in the world.

Active visit

With all said it is clear that Big Sur is a must-see place. Take a drive down route 101 or come for a ride down some beach trails. If you have the time try to experience the Historic  State Park, Julia Pfeiffer Burns Park, Garrapata state park, and the Point Lobos state natural reserve. If you are into culture and history visit the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

A vehicle camp
There are many camping sites and hiking trails to exploit here

With all of this nature, it is great to go hiking or walking down one of the many trails. So try to explore Jade cove trail, Ewoldsen trail, and Mill Creek Trail.

If you have time for a day visit then try not to miss:

  • Pfeiffer Beach – beach with purple sand
  • McWay Falls – a waterfall that feeds into the Pacific
  • Bixby Bridge – that provides an iconic view and a great foto opportunity
  • Partington Cove – with beautiful views
  • Pfieffer Big Sur State Park –great for hiking
  • Garrapata State Park – with beautiful hiking trails and great viewpoints

Fun facts about Big Sur

Today as in many other places in the US, Big Sur holds a special place in the history and heritage of California. It is a scenic place full of natural beauty that has become iconic and a staple of this state. With this in mind and many fun facts about Big Sur, you should strive to come and visit. Perhaps, you can even move here. But be sure to experience this unique area of immeasurable beauty.

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