Explore charming towns of DeSoto County, MS

Living in this modern era, we often forget to slow down and enjoy life and nature around us. Every now and then we should treat ourselves to some trips and vacations. If you plan well and create a timeline they can be budget-friendly and top-quality time spent. One of the places we’d recommend you to visit charming is the towns of DeSoto County in Mississippi.

Horn Lake – one of the top 5 Mississippi’s safest cities!

When you visit small towns, you never know what to expect. You will be amazed by the different organizations and cozy community Horn Lake has to offer. The best of all is the safe feeling this city will provide. Its very low crime rate, and friendly neighborhoods, make Horn Lake a perfect place to live in. Also, you will be able to afford housing for a very reasonable price and furnish it to your own specifications. People from the cities are always surprised that in towns like Horn Lake you can always find help around the corner.

As for the attractions, this town has to offer a variety of activities you can enjoy. If you are a fan of board games, you will definitely like American Contract Bridge League Museum. Here, you can see bridge-related artifacts from all over the world and find out about the history of this 500 years old game. And the best part is, admission is free! Horn Lake is situated only 17 miles from Memphis, so the places you can check out in one day are numerous.

Southaven – “The Tip of the ‘Sip”

As the second-most populous suburb of Memphis, Southaven has a variety of nice stores and multiple sports complexes for kids. Everything you need is just around the corner –  great shopping centers, small homeowner stores, and plenty of activities that will make sure you don’t have to compete with the Memphis busy traffic.

boys playing baseball on a field in one of the towns of DeSoto County
Are you a baseball fan? Snowden Grove Baseball Complex has 17 baseball-only playing fields!

This town is proud to be home to Snowden Grove Baseball Complex situated in Snowden Grove Park. The park has 17 baseball-only playing fields, which makes it one of the largest youth baseball complexes in the US. And if you happen to be there this spring, every April, Snowden Grove Park is host to a three-day Springfest, where you will be able to enjoy carnival rides, barbecue contests, and live entertainment.

Hernando – The best outdoor activities for your family

The city was named after Hernando DeSoto, a Spanish conquistador and explorer known to be the first European who crossed the Mississippi River.

Like most towns of DeSoto County, Hernando is made for family life. The great outdoors just a couple of miles from a big city will make sure you have the best of a modern and rural world. Also, buying a house in Hernando is way cheaper compared to neighboring cities. The low crime rate and good schooling make this Memphis suburb the perfect candidate for a new place to live. Should you need a helping hand when moving, local assistance is available for your worry-free relocation.

For some fun family time in Hernando visit Cedar Hill Farm. A 120-acre farm, with a small petting zoo, will give you an opportunity to reconnect with nature. Take a rest from today’s fast modern life, and have fun with your loved ones. And the best part is, you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables for your family! You can even pick it yourself, and give your family an unforgettable experience.

two girls sitting on a bench by the lake
Give your family an unforgettable outdoor experience visiting Hernando, MS

As for the outdoor quality time, you should check out Arkabutla Lake and The Coldwater River Nature Conservancy. Try the best fishing of the southeast, with three beaches, sailing trips, a picnic area, hunting grounds, and golf courses. And if you enjoy bike trails, you should definitely check out The Bayou Point Mountain Bike Trail nearby.

Olive Branch – Beating heart of DeSoto County

Olive Branch is close enough to a big city and far enough to enjoy the real country feel. With much lower property taxes than nearby Tennessee, this DeSoto suburb will make sure you get the house of your dreams for a small price. The southern hospitality will make you fall in love with these parts. But don’t let the coziness of this place fool you. Olive Branch has a very active community and lots of opportunities to grow.

Great city surfaces and nearby locations to Arkansas Gatlinburg, Louisiana, Memphis, and Nashville will make sure you have everything you need, and still enjoy the rural feel this suburb offers. Even though the towns of DeSoto county are the perfect choice for moving with your family, a lot of single people find their home here too. With the fast-developing towns, it is always a good idea to invest in real estate.

Walls – A hidden gem of towns in DeSoto County

Walls is a very small suburb, with a population of around 1,312. Most people rent houses here because it’s close to the city, and yet, very peaceful. Still, Walls could give you a great opportunity to start your farming business. It might not have as many tourist attractions, but still, it’s only a few minute’s ride from Memphis. If you ever visit Walls, make sure to check out the Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

men with a hat sitting on a chair playing guitar
Are you looking for exciting nightlife? Big cities like Nashville and Memphis are very nearby

From Otis Redding’s photos and telegrams to Isaac Hayes’s car, this small town museum might turn out to be a hidden gem, especially if you are a music nerd!

Nearby attractions worth checking out

When checking out the towns, make sure to stop by The Lewis Ranch in Nesbit. Forget what you’ve experienced in other Rock ‘n’ Roll attractions because this place is unique! Here, you will be able to check out an active family residence of Jerry Lee Lewis! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the opportunity to meet one of the fathers of Rock ‘n’ Roll?

But Rock ‘n’ Roll is not the only musical experience these attractions can offer. Following interpretive markers, you will be able to enjoy Blues trail markers all over Mississippi. Dedicated to the fathers of Blues who were born in these areas, these markers show how proud Mississippi is, being a cradle of musical history in the US.

If you’re planning a vacation or looking for a place to settle, you won’t regret checking out the towns of DeSoto County. The residents of this county cherish their history and their ancestors, by preserving the southern charm and hospitality you will be able to experience visiting these parts.

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