Expert tips for moving rugs and carpets

Moving is a time-consuming process that leads to stress and frustration. Packing seems to be one of the most time-consuming activities that will influence the way the move is executed. However, proper packing is crucial for your moving process. Adequate packing, labeling will make your unpacking easier and quicker. It will also help you settle in faster in your new home. While packing can be handled by hiring expert help and packing companies you can also do it yourself. In these situations, expert advice and guidance can be critical. Packing and moving rugs, in particular, can be tricky. You really should research some of the expert tips for moving rugs and carpets before doing it yourself.

How to move rugs and carpets

While preparing for a move you might find that you get stressed about packing certain items. This is frequent with carpets and rugs. They can be bulky and awkward to pack and transport. At the same time, they can be pricey and fragile if not handled properly. You certainly don’t want to damage your Persian rug or expensive carpet. So, the key is to stay focused and organized and handle the problem rationally and safely. The advice is to research and gather experiences and knowledge from others before doing it yourself.

A carpet hanging on a wire
Carpets can be cumbersome and difficult to manage but they require special care

One of the most important things is to start planning and preparing well ahead of time. The internet is full of advice that can help you and point you in the right direction. Do your research and prepare well. In addition, you can also hire professionals to handle your rugs and carpets. If you decide to do it yourself try to follow these steps:

  • Clean, wash and dry
  • Prepare
  • Roll up
  • Tie and pack well


One of the key aspects of moving rugs and carpets is to make sure they are clean and prepared before packing. Vacuuming a clean carpet will be enough for moving or putting in storage. It will get rid of the dust, dirt, and food and other particles that can damage your carpet in the long run. If the rug or carpet is dirty make sure to wash it thoroughly. Keep in mind that after washing the rug should be dried to perfection. Any leftover moisture will destroy your rugs very fast. So make sure that your carpets are clean and dry.  

Prepare the carpet

Preparing the carpet for packing is also important. You should determine the grain of the carpet. The direction of the carpet fiber or grain is crucial for adequate packing. To avoid and minimize the damage to the carpet it should be rolled up against the grain. This task is simple but you might require help for handling big rugs.

Vacuum cleaner
Make sure your rug is clean and dry before packing for a move or storage

Roll up

Roll up the carpet carefully to avoid any damage to the fibers. The advice is to get a cardboard rug tube that you can roll the carpet over. make sure to roll against the grain. Make the balance and do not roll the rug too tightly. It may save you space in the truck but it can also damage the fibers.

Pack and tie-up

Make sure to tie your carpet well to avoid it unrolling during transport. You can tie it with string in a few places. You can also use packing tape to ensure it stays rolled up. It is advisable to also wrap it with a protective layer. Use foam padding or plastic wrap for protection.

A room covered in carpets
Take extra care when rolling up or folding your carpet to avoid damage during the move

So, if you follow these expert tips for moving rugs and carpets you won’t have too much trouble about it. It is not that hard but make sure to prepare for it on time and make sure your rugs and carpets are clean and dry.

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