Checklist for a Long Island relocation: do it well and on time

Accomplishing a successful move is a demanding task. There are many parts of the move to think about – moving cost, packing unpacking. To make your move to Long Island easier, we have a checklist for a Long Island relocation. With this checklist, you will do it well and on time.

Benefits to moving to Long Island are many. The first one that comes to mind is that you will be close to New York. You can enjoy the Big Apple without the noise and businesses. The second thing is no matter where you move in on Long Island a beach is nearby. The final thing that separates Long Island from many other places is the tasty food. Long Island is surrounded by water from all sides. Because of this their many restaurants that serve – fresh seafood. Seafood is the tastiest right out of the water. Now that you know some of the benefits of relocating to Long Island, let’s get into our checklist.

1. First thing on your checklist for a Long Island relocation should be to decide on a budget

Going over your finances and seeing how much you can spend on your move will save you money and relieve stress. Moving by yourself will be the cheapest option but will also take a lot of your time. You will have to do all of the tasks by yourself.

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Keeping on a strict budget will prevent you from overpaying

If you can afford movers, definitely turn to professionals for help  with your move to Long Island. Local Long Island movers are your best option. Local Movers know the area and can make packing and unpacking a walk in the park. They might be more expensive, but your relocation will be done faster without you having to lift a finger. It does not matter if you move by yourself or hire an expert, only one thing is important when setting a budget, and that is to don’t go over it. You should set your budget, then look into how much will both options cost then chose the best one for your budget.

2. Recommendations

Second on your checklist, if you decide to hire movers for some part of your move is to ask for recommendations. Mayor role in this part – is played by your friends. Ask your friends if they have any experiences with moving companies in the Long Island area. Friends will be the best option, and you won’t have to read reviews. But if your friends are of no help to you, do the leg work. Read as many reviews as you can visit many social media sites to get the best idea of a moving company before hiring them.

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Asking friends for help is our second tip on our checklist for a Long Island relocation

3. Third on your checklist for a Long Island relocation is to get an estimate

Now before you look into getting an estimate, you must learn about two types of estimates;

  • The first type of estimate on this checklist for a Long Island relocation is the binding estimate. A bidding estimate is an estimate that will not change when you decide on it. There will be no extra fees added to your moving bill.
  • The second type is a non-binding estimate. With this type of estimate, your moving bill will change depending on the problems that arise during relocation.

Between these two estimates, the biding estimate is better. You should always go for that one when hiring movers.

4. Moving supplies

Before we get to packing, the fourth thing on this checklist for a Long Island move is to get the right packing supplies. Moving supplies can be bought online. Looking at different sites for moving boxes, wrapping materials, and a strong tape with a tape dispenser is your best option. However, if you want to save money, you can ask friends if they have any leftover moving materials from their previous move. But the best option is to buy new so that your things do not get broken during transportation.

5. Fifth tip on our checklist for a Long Island move is packing

Packing will require some manpower and time. The best way to start packing is from the rooms that are on the edge of your house and work your way to the middle. If you don’t want the packing to take your time, hiring is the best option. They know exactly how to do pack your things the most efficient way. You won’t have to do the heavy lifting, just relax and let the expert do their thing. However, if you don’t hire any movers, this is how to do it by yourself. Use big boxes for bigger things. Make sure to put the heavier things on the bottom of the boxes. Always put some cushioning on the bottom of the boxes. Wrap valuable and fragile belongings with bubble wrap. If there are any gaps in the boxes, fill them up with cushioning.

6. Getting a moving truck/van

There are many guidelines for renting a moving truck so let’s go over the basics. Now, if you are hiring a moving company, they will provide you with their moving truck. But if you are doing this relocation alone, this is what to watch out for when renting a moving truck. Make sure that it has favorable reviews. Compare prices with other renting companies to be sure you are not overpaying. Before renting, measure out your belongings so that you can get a moving truck of the proper size. It is a solid custom to get a moving truck that is a little bit bigger than what you need.

an image of a white moving truck in motion
Get a truck that can move all of your things

8. Load the truck and unpacking

The final two things on this checklist for a Long Island relocation are to load the truck and unpack. If you are loading the truck alone, get the right equipment and ask your friends for help. When you arrive at your new home at Long Island, the only thing you need to do is unpack. You can do it alone for over a week, or if you have hired movers, they will do it as fast as possible so that you can begin your new life in Long Island.


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