Cheapest ways to move house in New York

New York City life is what we usually imagine as an example of the fast life in combination with business opportunities and glamourous nightlife. And these are just a few reasons why people from all over the world are choosing to live there. But, there is one “little” fact lingering over those choices. The fact that New York City is an expensive place. It’s an integral part of everyday life, paying attention to costs, and most people wouldn’t be able to survive otherwise. Which, in general, makes moving in NYC hard. Fortunately, there are some strategies you can use when looking for the cheapest ways to move house in New York.

How to move house in New York at a reasonable price?

Regardless of where you plan to move, there is a couple of things you will always want to think about. Since your main objective is to save money, you will need to squeeze your budget when considering the next factors which influence the price:

  • The size of your belongings
  • The number of items you plan to move
  • How far to go with downsizing and decluttering?
  • The season in which you plan to schedule everything
  • What moving options you have?
  • The number of family members

Considering all the above, you will need to invest a lot of time in planning and organizing. Since residents of York are always in short of time, probably the best option is to hire professional movers. Even though it cost money to hire them, in the long term it’s a profitable investment.

Consider all boroughs in NYC

At the mere mentioning of NYC, the first place most people think about is Manhattan. But, it’s not everything in the city about Manhattan. On the contrary. There are other boroughs, equally attractive and prosperous, which might be a good choice. Not only good but cost-effective as well. So, when you are assessing your options, try to reconsider your choices by remembering this. Real estate prices in Manhattan are very high. Because of that, other boroughs might offer you similar yet cheaper alternatives. Bronx, Queens, and others are becoming more popular among the people who work in Manhattan. A little compromise and sacrifice can easily bring you closer to other cost-effective solutions.

Do not hesitate to hire movers

Hiring a professional moving company is by far the easiest and fastest solution for your New York move. How that time saving is affecting the cost-effectiveness is situational and varies from person to person. For example, if your relocation is urgent for any reason, movers can be saviors. Moving on short notice can turn into a real nightmare if you are bound to do it on your own. Having someone to deal with disassembling, packing, and transportation can make a big difference between success and disaster. Also, the only way to be completely sure your fragile items are safe is to hire professional movers. With their help, you can say goodbye to worrying about stressful traffic and overcrowded parking lots.

While negotiating with moving companies, don’t forget to check the services they offer. Generally speaking, there is a couple of different services you should consider:

  1. full-service moving
  2. partial moving
  3. truck renting options
  4. various container renting solutions
  5. various storage options
  6. packing services

Carefully consider all your options if you are planning the cheapest ways to move house. Quite often, correcting a mistake is more expensive than preventing it from happening.

A couple of trucks on a parking lot.
Trucks are the most common way to transport your items.

Move house in New York with the smart decision about your moving date

You can find a lot of resources advising you to move during the summer. Nice weather and vacation atmosphere do make it attractive. But, since you are considering the cheapest option you should avoid summers. It may come as a surprise, but the winter is probably your best choice. And it’s not just mere guessing, moving off-season is cheaper as well. Companies are usually busier during the summer, and their rates are often higher. Selecting a period of “slow months” can bring significant discounts at your hands reach. Also, slow months are a much better option if you are hunting for cheaper estates.

A scene with snow from NYC park during winter.
Everything slows down during winter.

Packing your household items when planning to move house in New York

You have two options here, basically:

  1. you can pack everything yourself
  2. or hire movers to do the packing

There is another option, but you should check if it’s available. You can pack smaller things yourself and have your large furniture pieces handled by pros. Many companies are offering both full and partial packing services, and are more than willing to meet all your demands.

Be cost-effective with packing supplies

One of the secrets of cheap ways to move house in New York is to hunt for free packing supplies. Of course, it’s not something you can finish overnight. But, with a little preparation upfront, you can save a lot of money. Don’t rush buying boxes since you can obtain various boxes for free. Every grocery store, every supermarket, and similar shops are throwing them away. It won’t hurt you to ask them if they have some extra boxes to share. Also, your friends might have some stockpiles from before, that they don’t need anymore. Additionally, the smart way to save on filling materials is to use things you already possess, like towels, clothes, and similar. You should avoid one thing though: Don’t take boxes from streets since NYC often have serious problems with bedbugs and similar pests. It’s simply not worth the risk.

An old luggage chest.
You can make use of items you already have.

Reduce the number of possessions

Another way to reduce the price of your move is to declutter. This is important especially if you are moving into a smaller home. Get rid of everything you don’t find necessary. Remember that you are going to pay for each item you are taking with you. Why paying for something that you barely use, anyway? Have a great purge similar to the spring cleaning. Organize a yard sale if you have means, or just giveaway as much as you can.

Finally, no matter what combination of options you choose, you can call friends and family to help you. When planning the cheapest ways to move house in New York, friends can be quite resourceful. Today, they are here to give you a helping hand, and tomorrow you will help them.

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