Big family moving across the country – what to pay special attention to

Are you moving to another state soon together with your family? As you can assume, it won’t be simple and easy, you need to be prepared and well organized. Family moving across the country may be complicated, but when you have a guide to follow, it does not have to be. Moving with a big family has advantages too. For example, you don’t need to do everything by yourself. Include the entire family in the packing and moving process. This way, you can have fun and be productive, at the same time.

Tips for a family moving across the country

To have a successful family relocation from one state to another, or from one coast to another, you should be fully prepared because you are not responsible only for yourself – you need to take care of your family too. That means you will have more items to pack, other people to take care of, to research schools, family homes to rent\buy, etc.

A family packing moving boxes.
Be a team and work together as a family when moving

Plan in advance

No matter if you are moving with a family in a hurry or you have 6 months to prepare, you need to make a plan and to organize. Creating a moving checklist may help you be focused on moving and you won’t forget a thing to do or to pack. This way, you will reduce your stress on moving day and after moving too. It is not easy to leave a house and to start a new life in another state, miles away from your home. To make this job a little bit easier, you can download a moving checklist online.

Find a family-friendly neighborhood

Research the city where you will move to. Every city has different neighborhoods to offer. Some of them are good for retirement, some of them are better for young professionals, but some of them are great for raising a family. A place where you will live with a family should have highly-rated schools, low crime rate, it should be affordable and have family-friendly amenities where you can spend quality with your kids.

Create a moving budget

Family moving across the country won’t be cheap, unfortunately. The financial side needs to be carefully thought through so set a moving budget and know what will be the average price of moving your house to another state.

Calculate all the costs, from buying packing materials to renting a new house and hiring a moving company. Know how to spend every cent and be sure you are not overpaying when moving house because you will need money after moving too. There are so many things to pay after moving and paperwork to finish. All that cost. The costs depend on many different factors, such as travel fees, insurance, packing costs, storage, etc.

The USA map.
Moving from state to state with a big family is a complicated task

Talk to your kids

You must community with children, no matter how old they are. They will change schools, friends, environment, routines, climate, the whole life will change. Not only for you but for them too. A lot of kids are sad when moving or even angry at parents. Understand them and have a serious conversation. Explain to your family why this relocation is beneficial and what will it bring.

Make a game from moving and make it be fun. For example, who will pack toys faster, who will find more facts about the place where you are moving to. After moving, explore the city together and visit different amenities.

Hire a professional long-distance company

Moving long-distance with kids is complicated and stressful, and almost impossible to do everything alone. The best solution is to hire a reliable and experienced moving company to help you out with family moving across the country. But, a company must be licensed, insured, and reputable, so spend some time researching. On you can learn a lot and pick the best company that fulfills all your needs. Let professionals do all the hard work while you are spending time with your kids and finish other moving-related tasks.

A map for family moving across the country.
Move with ease when you have the right help

Ensure your items during relocation

To keep your items safe during relocation, you should purchase moving insurance. Better be safe than sorry, and keep in mind that anything can happen when transporting items across the country. It is a long trip. Also, learn how to secure your valuable items such as fine art, china, electronics, fragile items, jewelry when moving and move safely.

Declutter and clean your home

A big family can collect a lot of clothing, decorations, and toys – usually, people don’t need all of them. Also, even if you use all your clothing, keep in mind that when moving to another state, the climate will be probably different. So, before packing, declutter, and clean your house. This way you will move only things you really need and use. Also, relocation will be more affordable when moving fewer items. To get a better deal, negotiate the best price for a moving service, and save money.

Pack essential moving boxes

When packing, don’t forget to pack essential moving boxes for the entire family. The essential box should contain all the items you might use on a moving day and also, a few days after too. Toys for kids, snacks, water, clothing, toiletries, towels, pajamas, etc. This “magic” box can save your sanity when moving and make you be more organized.

Plan your trip to a new home

How will you travel to a new home with your family – by plane or car? In both cases, you should plan it in advance and pack properly for your moving day. Prepare for your kids, music, games, charge a tablet, if you are traveling by car, plan where to stop to eat, and make pauses. Family moving across the country can be fun for your kids.

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