Best Suburbs in Philadelphia for Young Families

Suburbs in Philadelphia are the best choice for young families. Suburbs in general can be the perfect place to raise kids and later on when the kids grow up and go their own way it can be a great place to enjoy your senior years. It’s like a win-win situation. Philadelphia in general has a lot to offer business-wise and otherwise but the downtown is not the safest place and suburbs can offer you that. Another good thing is that other families with kids are usually in suburbs. Your kids will have more friends and that is always important. Now, let’s check out some of the best Philly suburbs. After you are done reading you can continue research on your own.

Philadelphia suburbs

Luckily you can find plenty of safe, charming, affordable, and peaceful neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia. We will show you our list of the best suburbs in Philadelphia or near it now :

  • Chesterbrook
  • Paoli
  • Penn Wynne
  • West Chester
  • Devon
  • Archdiocese of Newark
  • Narberth
  • Berwyn
  • Ardmore
  • Swarthmore
Parents teaching their daughter to ride a bike
Which suburb will be perfect for your family?

Chesterbrook is one of the best for young families

This city has been named the best place for families to live in America by both Niche and Philadelphia Business Journal two years in a row! Even though the weather in this area might not be perfect, this is a very safe place with good schools and plenty of young families you can be friends with. That’s a big plus for this place and we believe you should start your research here. Many Canadians showed interest in this place so if you are Canadian moving to the USA, this is a place you should check out first.

West Chester is the most popular suburb in 2022

This suburb is known for the most amazing parks that kids often enjoy. West Chester offers residents an urban-suburban mix feel which many young families enjoy quite a lot. This is also one of the best suburbs but in 2021 and in this year too the popularity of this place grew and looks like more and more young families are moving here. Most of the residents here rent their homes. If you think that this can be a good place for you and your growing family make sure to team up with pros nearby to help you with all your moving needs especially when it comes to unpacking and settling in.

Penn Wynne is our second-best choice for young families

This suburb is the second-best place to live in Pennsylvania and you should definitely consider it for you and your family. Penn Wynne is one of the safest places in the state both night and day so you will be able to relax while your kids are outside playing with their friends. This is a residential area and there are about 6000 residents. Most of them own their homes so you won’t be changing neighbors so often which is good for your kids. In case you are relocating here make sure to find reliable movers like Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia to help you out.

A man holding a baby on his back
This can be a very nice place for you and your family.

Rittenhouse Square

We took things like schools, safety, and prices into consideration when we were looking for the best suburbs in Philadelphia. This place was not on our list of the best suburbs because of the prices. They are higher than in the rest of the suburbs we showed you, in fact, real estate prices are among the highest in this suburb. But despite being a bit pricy this is a very nice suburb and if you are not concerned about prices you should definitely check the most affluent suburb in Philadelphia. If you are planning to call movers to help you with relocation make sure to check their reviews first.

Paoli is also a great choice for young families

This is another excellent place for young families. The atmosphere in this area is present and welcoming. You have two great choices if you have kids here – Tredyffrin-Easttown School District or the Great Valley School District and both of them are great! When it comes to safety this place is in the 95th percentile for safety. That means only 5% of places in the USA are safer and others are less safe. As you can see this is a great choice. If you are planning your relocation here make sure to enlist the help of neighbors with settling in.

Moving with kids

We mentioned a few times that it might be smart to enlist professionals to help you with relocation. We always suggest to people with kids to hire professionals. That way you can have a stress-free relocation and while professionals are dealing with your household items you can focus on much more important matters – your kids. This is a great solution and the easiest way to do this. After all, this is why so many people are moving with the help of movers nowadays. Movers can do a lot for you.

They are not just a way to transport your moving boxes. Movers can help you with packing or unpacking and settling in and anything else in between. They can even handle the special items that require extra attention like a piano for example. So, when choosing movers make sure to check out their website and ask for an estimate so you can plan your moving budget.

packing to move to one of the best suburbs in Philadelphia
You and the kids can have fun while movers are doing the hard part.


Hopefully, we helped you and pointed you in the right direction for your further research. At least it will be easier to narrow down the perfect suburb for you and your family. We showed you who can help you when you finally decide and we hope that you will get all the help that’s available and have a nice moving experience.

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