Best places to live in Meridian MS

Mississippi is a great state to live in. It has a coast but it also has plenty of mountains and beautiful nature. And one of the most beautiful cities in Mississippi is Meridian. This is actually a small city but the seventh-largest city in the state of Mississippi. Around 40,000 people live here which is just the perfect amount of people. Not too many and definitely not a small number of people. You could say that Meridian is underrated. But we think that this is only because not a lot of people know much about Meridian. And what’s a better way to introduce a city to someone than by telling more about the best neighborhoods and parts of the city? And that is exactly what we are here to tell you about Meridian. So, without any further ado, here’s a little bit more about the best places to live in Meridian.

The City Center of Meridian

If you are thinking about moving to Meridian, one of the best places to live in Meridian is the City Center. This is by far the most amazing part of the town. Here is where you will find everything you need. There are plenty of small and big shops where you can buy home essentials before you move in, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, and everything else you might need on a daily basis.

Small Town.
It is always best to live in the center of the city.

This is where you will find museums. This is where a lot of young people live. There are plenty of things to see and do in this part of the city. This is also where you will find the railway station. The best part about living in the City Center of Meridian is the fact that the hospital is located right in this part of the city. This is why a lot of young people who plan on having children as well as elderly retired people want to live here. This isn’t the safest part of Meridian but it surely is the best. You will love living here especially if you choose an easy way to settle down in your chosen neighborhood.

12th Street/35th Avenue

The second place on the list of best places to live in Meridian goes to a part of the town that is called 12th Street or 35th Avenue. This is also a part of the city where you will have everything you need surrounding you. This part of the city is located near the community college and it is why a lot of young people live here. This makes this neighborhood safe. Spyder Moving Services can help you relocate here in no time. Consider this part of Meridian if you are moving with a family.

Young girls on bikes.
A lot of young people live in this part of the city.

Other parts of Meridian to consider

Instead of telling you everything we know about living in Meridian and its best parts, we are going to tell you some other parts of the city to consider moving to if the two we talked about above don’t seem to be up your ally.

  • Savannah Grove
  • 20th Street
  • Route 45 N
  • Route 11.

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