Best Places in North Carolina to Start a Business

The same way Miami is slowly becoming the new Silicon Valley, North Carolina is gradually stepping up and kicking New York City from its throne as one of the best states to start a business. With its labor market and taxes, this state has created an ideal environment for business owners. If you are looking for a perfect place to start your new business adventure, you don’t need to look further than the Tar Heel state to set it up. In this article, we’ll let you know what the best places in North Carolina to start a business are. But first, we’ll explain what makes this state so attractive to business owners. Now let us begin!

Why should you start a business in North Carolina?

North Caroline is one of the most business-friendly states in the entire US. In fact, this state was ranked the top spot for business three years in a row by Forbes. They’ve also been constantly in the top five overall states list since 2006.

Green trees under a blue and orange sun during sunset in North Carolina.
You’ll love living and working in North Carolina if you are an outdoor enthusiast.

But what exactly makes this state so attractive to business owners?  There are plenty of benefits and, below, we’ve selected just some of them:

  • An excellent housing market is one of the main reasons people decide to move and start their businesses in this state. In fact, in 2018 alone, North Carolina managed to attract roughly $2.5 in venture capital.
  • North Carolina offers outstanding schools, so you are sure to find a skilled and trained workforce easily. For instance, one of the top five universities in the US, Duke, is located in North Carolina. On the other hand, if you have a family or planning to start one, your kids will have fantastic educational opportunities at their doorstep.
  • Taxes in North Carolina are relatively low, with the highest corporate income tax being 2.5% which is much lower than most states. When it comes to business taxes, they tend to be slightly higher here. However, they’re still lower than in the neighboring states.
  • The cost of living and running a business is lower in North Carolina than in other states. Even finding reputable but affordable commercial movers you can trust in any part of North Carolina is relatively easy. If you have ever moved a business before, you know how difficult and expensive this part of the process can be.

What are some great places in North Carolina to start a business?

You must admit that, so far, North Carolina sounds like a great place to move and start your new business. It even offers some of the best places to retire, so no matter your age or lifestyle, the Tar Heel State has something for you. However, we’re focusing on business-friendly aspects of this state. So, further in this article, you’ll find the top 5 places in North Carolina to start a business.


The town of Pineville has just over 8,000 residents. However, it proudly bills itself as the “biggest small town” in the region. It’s very close to Charlotte and offers its residents an urban feel with all benefits living in a small community has to offer.

A bird's eye view of commercial buildings in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Pineville is next to North Carolina’s capital, Charlotte, which is another advantage if you decide to start your business there.

But don’t let the size of this town fool you into thinking there isn’t much for you there. This place has its own electric and telecommunications company and plenty of recreational facilities. Impressively, there are over 1300 businesses in Pineville with an average revenue per business of $2.2 million.


Morrisville is probably one of the most attractive places to start a business in North Carolina, especially if you’re in the tech industry. This place is home to Research Triangle Park, where plenty of high-tech companies can be found. The most impressive part is that the average per-business revenue is $4.6 million.

However, what really makes this place especially desirable for business owners is plenty of services and aids to businesses offered by the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce. Morrisville is also a great place to live as it provides plenty of amenities and services.

Morehead City

Is your ideal business location in a picturesque waterfront district that comes with stunning beach views? Then, Morehead City is a perfect place for you. This port town has nearly 9,000 residents, and it’s located in Carteret County. The locals refer to it as the “gateway to North Carolina’s Crystal Coast”. This town has around 1,400 businesses, and the average revenue per company is $667,000.

One of the most impressive features this place offers is the Outer Banks. This is an 85-mile stretch of coastline that includes breathtaking beaches protected as national parks. This probably makes Morehead City one of the most desirable locations for business and leisure in North Carolina.

Mount Airy

Mount Airy has become famous for its granite quarry as well as its furniture and textile industry. It’s nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it could be a perfect place for your business, especially if you are a fan of outdoor adventures.

Green grass fields with trees on the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Do you love spending time in nature? Then, starting a business in Mount Airy will let you easily combine your two passions.

This place has just over 10,000 residents, but it’s home to over 1,200 businesses. Their average revenue per company is impressive at $1.4 million. It’s also an affordable place where you can find great office space and even a place for your inventory if you need it because renting storage is quite budget-friendly, too.

Which one of the places in North Carolina to start a business will you choose?

These are some of the places in North Carolina to start a business. No matter which one you choose, you surely won’t be making the wrong decision. All you need to do is decide which of the above-listed places suits your business and your interests best.

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