Best Montgomery County PA places for millennials

Advancing in your career while you are still a young adult is very important. Unfortunately, however, there are certain places that are just not good for millennials. Not just any place allows all professions to flourish. So finding the best Montgomery County PA places for millennials will be very helpful, not only for you as a person but for your career development, as well. That being said, we’ve made a list of places you need to consider and all the fun facts about them. Who knows? Maybe one of them you’ll soon call home!

One of the best Montgomery County places for millennials is Harleysville

Living in a Philadelphia suburb with 8,975 inhabitants is not quite bad. This is one of the best places in Philadelphia, not just in Montgomery County. Many young professionals that are millennials live here. The median home value is $328,900 and the median rent is $1,443. But even so, most of the residents choose to purchase houses so they have their own homes. In the beginning that will be probably difficult, so don’t worry, renting is also fine. Just try not to pack too many things when you are relocating. And always turn to experts in this field, Harleysville movers, when you have any doubts and wonders about moving. They’ll give you their piece of mind and help you in settling in worry-free.
You can also hear that residents in Harleysville tend to lean conservative. And they will all confirm the fact that this suburb is very safe when it comes to safety and crime rate. The crime rate is extremely low and there are almost no incidents ever. If you like spending time outside you will love Harleysville because there are many parks around. And you should know that the median household income is $94,983. It is not too much, but remember that if you keep trying, that number is bound to go higher!
Guy trying to find best Montgomery County places for millennials.
You need to find the best Montgomery County PA places for millennials so you can plan your future.

Another place that we have for you is Conshohocken

Conshohocken is another suburb of Philadelphia that has a similar number of inhabitants as Harleysville. And they actually are pretty similar. It has a population of 8,039, which tends to lean liberal. Also, most of them are either young professionals or families. This suburb has an urban feel and you will be able to find a lot of restaurants, bars, and coffee places. Of course, there are many parks as well. The median home value in Conshohocken is $339,300 and the median rent is $1,689. The difference between owners and renters is very small, only 1 percent. But still, the recommendation we give to you is to wait in the beginning and rent.
The thing that is more positive and is definitely a big advantage when compared with Harleysville is the fact that the median household income is $103,203. And that is a very nice amount to earn for starters. As you advance in your career, you’ll undoubtedly earn more. But living in Pennsylvania, that amount is quite nice. There are many places where you can work in Conshohocken, you just need to find something that suits you the most. And because of that, it is one of the best Montgomery County places when it comes to millennials aiming for something big. There are many fun activities you will be able to do there as well.

You need to check out West Conshohocken as well

If you liked the description of Conshohocken, you will like West Conshohocken even more. This is a place for people that like peace and quiet rather than crowds and traffic. Needless to say that this is also a suburb of Philadelphia, and it is just across the river from the main Conshohocken. There are 1,363 inhabitants and many of them tend to lean conservative. The area feels suburban and rural, and it is a mixture of these two that makes it so special. Everything that you need and can’t seem to find around this suburb you have nearby. And there are plenty of advantages when you live in a place with a small population. Also, remember to check the availability of your movers, should you choose to move with or another reliable company. Everything should be done on time. Therefore, think about this – the sooner the better!
Sunset over a city in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania has many good options for you.

Ardmore should also be on your list

​Once again, another suburb of Philadelphia that you really should take a look at. There are 13,567 inhabitants in Ardmore and the area feels urban-suburban. There are many parks around, but there are also many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. So it is nice to go outside and hang out with colleagues and friends. Because of the difference in price, most residents own their homes. But in the beginning, you can simply rent an apartment. The median rent is $1,469. And the most catchy thing about living in Ardmore is the household income which is $102,092. Which is for the start amazing. And if you choose to buy a house once upon a time, be aware of mistakes to avoid when buying a home.

There is one smaller suburb that is also one of the best Montgomery County PA places for millennials – Jenkintown

Last on the list, there is Jenkintown. In this place, you will find only 4,418 inhabitants. Here, you won’t be dealing with crowds and traffic. Even though the median rent is only $1,105 and the median home value is $314,000, most of the residents own their homes. But that doesn’t have to be your choice as well. There are many parks around to enjoy nature, but there are also bars and restaurants where you can hang out with people. Philadelphia is also near, so whenever you miss the fast life, you’d be just a short drive away from it.
Aerial view of a neighborhood in PA.
First, find your place, and then worry about moving.

​Start preparing on time

Finding out which are the best Montgomery County PA places for millennials and young professionals is not enough. You will still have to deal with the entire relocation and planning. So, the sooner you make your decision, the better. You can start right away with hiring movers and making a timeline for your move.

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