Best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies

Contrary to popular belief Washington DC is changing rapidly. As opposed to the hard-liner political center of the US Washington is developing into a popular and well-developed business hub. Today it is a haven for small companies and startups. It is also developing its offering, attracting more and more entrepreneurs in the technology sector primarily. Today some of the best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies are also key for IT start-ups in the US. With this development, it is also becoming a final destination for a lot of young professionals moving in with their families. So let’s explore what makes Washington so great and where you should try setting up shop.

Moving to Washington DC

Moving to Washington is becoming a common occurrence today. Many young people are flocking here as it offers a great job market and development. The carrier opportunities are great so many are moving here in search of a job or to start their own business. This is why commercial moving in DC is in expansion. More and more companies moving in or moving within the DC area are demanding specialized crews to handle transportation and handle their office relocation.

Upward look at towering skyscrapers
Washington Dc has made a shift from the political center to a modern business and IT hub

Why Washington

Washington is in the process of shifting focus from politics to business, entrepreneurship, and IT development. The city also invested in its urban renewal and change. With this shift, it has become an innovative IT center and business hub relying on several key factors. Washington has a diverse workforce that is well educated, talented, and flexible giving companies a competitive edge. At the same time, Washington is investing and providing for company development. There is an abundance of capital that is aimed at economic development. Besides providing the atmosphere for investments in the private sector the city is also providing financing for projects that are of the greater good. This is also the focus and ambition of many companies in the area.

As such Washington is great for business. This is why Excalibur Moving and Storage is in high demand when it comes to commercial relocation. Some of the best locations for start-up companies that movers operate in are:


Anacostia is the area that is creating a great small business environment and potential. It is a small business corridor that is home to many SME incubators. It provides great finances and support to startups. At the same time, the diversity and dynamics of the area are drawing people in. The real estate market and arts are booming. In addition, the new investments are thriving.

Office buildings in one of the best locations in Washington DC
Today Anacostia is one of the best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies

Barracks Row

Situated between the naval base and the Marine barracks the are is a thriving business hub in Washington that is still affordable for businesses. Almost 18000 people flock to the area for work and generate revenue for thriving businesses. Retail, service, and accommodation industries are thriving here. The area had 18 big businesses open in just 2 years testifying to the business development of the neighborhood. 


The neighborhood of the University of Georgetown is also proving to be one of the best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies. Colorful row houses in the vicinity of the university are becoming hubs for new startup businesses. Graduates do not move too far away from campus when organizing and starting new companies.

A deserted street in business district
A diverse and educated workforce and a favorable business climate are drawing many new companies to Washington

Washington DC has shifted its focus. From politics to creating business opportunities and climate for startup companies. But, Washington is still developing in this sense. New locations are developing and are becoming some of the best locations in Washington DC for start-up companies, making it more and more desirable as an innovative business hub.

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