Best cities in Ontario ranked by American millennials

Many American millennials are moving to Canada. The reasons are pretty much obvious nowadays. But, let’s talk about the destination for a bit. What we noticed is that Ontario seems to be the hot spot in the last couple of years. Obviously, we had to explore the best cities in Ontario then. So, let’s get started now.

Toronto has to be the first on the list

This is one of the best Canadian cities. Over 2.9 million people make Toronto, Ontario, their home. Many of them are American millennials.  The city has more people than any other in all of Canada. Here you can find a community that welcomes people of all backgrounds and ethnicities. It’s a great place to do business because the economy is so stable. We think that this should be the first place you need to research, but that one was pretty obvious, right? Let’s explore other less popular ones.

The view of Toronto, one of the best cities in Ontario
This can be a great place for young professionals.

Just like the battle and the Abba song – Waterloo

No, the city wasn’t named after the song or battle, it was the other way round, we are just joking. About a quarter of the city’s population in Waterloo, Ontario, is foreign-born. Many of them are Americans. People who value proximity to Toronto but prefer a lower cost of living will find this city to be an excellent option. Millennials are flocking here because of the abundance of available job opportunities. This might be one of the best cities for ex-pats.

You should also explore Burlington

Burlington is a wonderful place to call home because of its convenient proximity (about an hour’s drive) to Toronto, as well as its beautiful natural setting and welcoming community atmosphere. Outdoorsy millennials will love this spot. So, make sure to research it and, if you decide that this can be your new home, you can call Number 1 Movers Canada to help you out with your moving needs.

The most popular choice amongst American millennials -Mississauga

Communities in Mississauga are strong, and there is a wide variety of high-quality housing, shopping, and excellent schools. Galleries, theaters, art centers, concert halls, and museums all contribute to a vibrant cultural scene. That is part of the reason why it’s one of the best cities in Ontario. If you decide to come here and start your life anew let movers deal with the hard part. Let skilled experts handle it and you can focus on more important matters.

A Woman wearing the Canadian flag and looking at the lake and the mountains.
Canada can be perfect for American millennials.

Last but not least – Guelph

Located in southwestern Ontario, the city of Guelph has a total population of about 135,474. The downtown Toronto and Waterloo regions are both easily accessible from this city. Because of the low unemployment rate and reasonable housing costs, a large number of people are drawn to this area despite its relatively low population. Last but not least one of the best cities in Ontario.

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