Best cities and towns in California for remote workers

Working from home has become more common than ever. Almost everyone who is able to be working from home. This is something not everyone can handle. There are people who have children at home, sick parents, demanding pets, and so on, and so on. This creates an environment where it can be very tough to work and concentrate in. Besides, working from home is not as easy as one might think it is. You have to stay focused somewhere where you used to only relax and get some rest. This can drive people crazy after some time. This is why a lot of people decided to relocate their homes. Getting a new place and building a working habit from scratch in a new home is much better than doing so somewhere where you used to live for a long time already. Besides, people started moving to smaller cities and towns because of the coronavirus pandemic. Living in a small town is much safer and better right now and people don’t want to take any risks. This is why we decided to write a little bit about some of the best cities and towns in California for remote workers who are thinking about moving with a family or without one to another city.

Carmel-by-the-Sea – the number one among the best cities and towns in California for remote workers

If you are thinking about moving with your significant other to one of many cities and towns in California, Carmel-by-the-Sea is definitely a town to put on your list of possible options. This is a very romantic town to live in. It even has a very romantic name. This is a town that is located on a section of the Central California coast which means that this is a coastal town. This is an amazing place for young couples because there are plenty of things to do here besides spend time on the beach. There are plenty of galleries, shops, and restaurants to go to.

What makes this a perfect place for remote workers is the fact that you could be living by the sea in a small cottage in a very peaceful and safe town. You will also have where to distance yourself from people even when you are outside. Working on the beach could be one of the best things you could do as a remote worker during these times. The coffee shops, bars, and restaurants by the sea are also always a possible option for those who can’t concentrate at home. You will feel at home in Carmel in no time for sure!

Carmel as one of the best cities and towns in California for remote work.
One of the most beautiful cities in California is Carmel.


If you are not the type to live by the coast, Arcata is the perfect town for you. It is very small and it is located within Humboldt County in Northern California. Arcata is a town with a very laid-back feeling to it. This makes it a perfect place for remote workers. You will be able to sit in peace and quiet and do your work without any outside distractions. Even if you go outside, you will have plenty of places where you can sit and work and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Remote work.
Working from home isn’t as easy as it seems.

You will find amazing homes here too and not just nature. This is a small town but you can surely move into a big house if you are moving with your whole family. Mod Movers are there to help you relocate during the coronavirus pandemic to another city. Hiring movers means not having to take a few days off of work to get everything ready and over with. Professional movers are there to do it for you. Even moving your business here is a good idea and movers can help you with that too.

Half Moon Bay

If you want to live relatively close to a big city such as San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is the place for you. Just a 45-minute drive away from downtown San Francisco, Half Moon Bay is an amazing town for remote workers. Again, a coastal town for those who prefer and we believe that there are plenty of you who do as you are moving in California. What makes Half Moon Bay one of the most beautiful places in California is the mile-long beaches.

Half Moon Bay.
The mile-long beaches of HalfMoon Bay make it a perfect place for remote workers.

This means that there are plenty of options when it comes to outdoor activities. And outdoor activities are very important for remote workers. Being inside the whole day is not good at all. Especially because you are working on a computer. This means that you are most likely sitting most of the day. And probably not sitting with a straight back. This is why living near the beach is a great thing. You can go swimming, running, surfing, sailing, fishing, and do plenty of other things. This is beneficial for both your physical and mental health. So, if you feel like moving here is for you, hire professionals to help getting your stuff ready for the transport.


If historic cities and towns in California are more up your allies, we know just the perfect place for you and it goes by the name Ferndale. This is a very unique oasis in Northern California. Victorian architecture really makes this city stand out among other cities. Ferndale is located 30 minutes away from Eureka. Ferndale is another city where you will find plenty of things to see and do outside of your home which is why it made it on our list of the best cities and towns in California for remote workers. Moving alone to a new city won’t be such a big issue because if you are moving to Ferndale. This is because you will be able to easily meet new people as everyone here is very friendly.

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