Best Canada cities for US ex-pats

Canada is a great place. Also, very peaceful. There are some benefits in CA that cannot be found in the US and that is the reason why many young people love relocating here. Free healthcare, good maternity leave for 18 months, and more vacation days are on the top of the list. Free healthcare is not just for Canadians but also for permanent residents. So you don’t even have to apply to be a Canadian citizen to get free healthcare.  But real maple syrup is not far away too. If you are feeling overworked, the good news is that Canadians have better working hours and also a better work-life balance. There are cool things that can only be found in Canada like bagged milk. If you are thinking about relocating, know that you are not the only one. You can live in Canada as an American citizen. You can easily get a regular visitor visa and go there for six months. Then apply to become a permanent resident. The whole procedure is not very complicated. If you are looking where to relocate to Canada we have a list of the best Canada cities for US ex-pats.

Best Canada cities for the US ex-pats

The best city for you will be the one that fits your and your family’s needs. This is why you need to include all family members in this decision. You don’t want anyone feeling left out. Also, while doing the research, think about the temperatures. It can get very cold in Canada. Many people don’t mind it, but if you do make sure that you stay need the US border, it’s warmer there. The winters can be quite harsh when you go north but know that everything is adapted to that lifestyle. There will be no surprises. Aside from that relocating to Canada is great. Also, it doesn’t need to be very expensive.

Canada flag
Let’s check out the best Canadian cities.


This is the most beautiful city in CA. Mountains are in the north and the Pacific Ocean is located west. This is also a very safe place to live with your family. Canadians named Vancouver the happiest city in the state along with Toronto. If you are looking for a fancy neighborhood they have two – West Bay and Sandy Cove. Vancouver is the best for outdoorsy people who like hiking and skiing. But be prepared, it is one of the most expansive cities in the state. Also, the salaries are higher there.


As you have guessed, this is also the most popular city. There is some good news if you are a foodie. They have a world-class food scene as well as a restaurant scene. They are very well known for their ethnic and cultural diversity, making them great for US ex-pats. The fun thing about this city – Peeks Toronto Caribbean Carnival. This is the most amazing and biggest street festival. If this looks and sounds like a good place for you and your family, you should contact moving teams that know the city. They will provide you stress-free relocation and make this quick and easy since they are locals and know the city.


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. If you are wondering why is this city special – it never snows there. This is the warmest city in Canada. Also, Victoria ranks very well in terms of economic, real estate, climate, and attraction. Some say this might be the best place to live, work, or even retire in Canada. So it’s definitely worth checking out.

The view of Victoria, one of the best Canada cities for US ex-pats.
This is a very beautiful city.


Another great city, but pretty affordable, especially when it comes to housing. They also have a strong economy and high income. It is considered to be the best city for newcomers to Canada. Also, this is a very techy city. There are over 1800 technology companies. Also, this is the capital city, making it very urban. And job offerings and opportunities are the best. This is a great place for young professionals looking for good jobs.

Relocating to Canada as an American ex-pat

This part is fairly easy but tends to be a bit overwhelming. No matter where in Canada you are moving, you need to find a bit of help. Movers Toronto will be happy to assist you with planning, organizing, and conducting your relocation. Even though it is cheaper to do everything by yourself, it is just too much of a hassle. This way you will be able to be in the best mood for your new home.

Step by step

First, you need to make sure you have all your medical histories. The next step is calling the bank and everyone else who needs to know your new address. After that is packing, but before you do that you need to organize your things. All the stuff you no longer need has got to go. There is no need to bring useless items with you to Canada. After you have done decluttering it is time to pack. For packing, you need some good-quality boxes. While packing you should label everything. That way unpacking will be easy for you. Also, downloading some moving apps might be good for your organization.

Best Canada cities for the kids

The good news is that the kids are good at adapting. You should only look where you can find the best schools for them. No matter where you go, they will be happy as soon as they find new friends and cool new parks and playgrounds. Kids do need a bit more careful approach in the first few days as they will not be used to their new rooms, so sleeping with them might be a good solution for the first week or so. Just until they relax.


A little girl playing with water colors that are all over her face and clothes.
Little kids can adapt easily.


If you found your perfect city, you are probably on the lookout for the best neighborhood in that city and the next step is hiring a real estate agent. This is a very exciting new adventure and hopefully, you and your family will be very happy in Canada. Good luck!

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