Asbury Park relocation guide for newcomers

You need to prepare for your upcoming relocation to one of the coastal cities in NJ, but where to start? If you decided to move to Asbury Park, explore this city and prepare your items for relocation, especially if you are moving long-distance. By reading the Asbury Park relocation guide, you can make an excellent moving checklist and you will learn some facts about this amazing small NJ city.

What to know before moving to Asbury Park, NJ?

Before you start comparing moving quotes, packing your moving boxes, decluttering a home, there are some things to know about Asbury Park before you start living there. 

  • The population of Asbury Park is almost 16,000 and the median age is 35.
  • The median home value is $308,600 and the median rent is $1,065, but most people here (around 80%) own a home. Besides the Asbury Park relocation guide, you need to search for homes and to rent or buy one.
  • When it comes to incomes, the median household income is $32,750 (which is below the US average).
  • Commuting time is 24 minutes and most residents drive a car (52% of them) and only 11% use public transportation.
  • Property tax (without a mortgage) is $2100.
  • The unemployment rate is 3.7%. People work in education, health care, and social assistance, food service, entertainment, and retail trade.

If you are moving locally in this area, you are already familiar with the Asbury Park lifestyle and the costs of living. Moving within the state is easier, but it also has its own difficulties and complications. 

Asbury Park relocation guide

Having some kind of a moving checklist is necessary when moving. Because of all that stress, people forget even the most important items. Newcomers need the Asbury Park relocation guide, but also you will need a guide if moving locally in NJ

Writing the Asbury Park relocation guide.
Write everything down so you won’t forget anything when moving

2 months before moving

About 8 weeks before the moving day, you should start preparing and organizing things for Asbury Park relocation.

Sort and purge items you want to move. Go through every room and decide what to take and what to toss. Items you don’t need, you can sell or donate to charity.

Create a budget for moving and decide how you will move to Asbury Park.

Hire a moving company if you don’t want to transport items by yourself. Research companies in your area and get online moving quotes.

If moving with kids, contact kid’s school and notify them about relocation. Also, start researching for schools in Asbury Park.

6 weeks before moving

Make travel arrangements from your pace to Asbury Park. Book a hotel and get tickets for traveling.

If you will pack by yourself, start gathering packing supplies and start packing. You can hire Bluebell Relocation NJ and have professional packers.

If you will need a storage unit, reserve it on time.

Contact your doctor and insurance agencies. You will need insurance during and after moving.

Start using perishable food you have because you cannot move it.

4 weeks before moving

If you didn’t start packing your items, start now and label all the moving boxes, especially those with fragile items. Also, take inventory of all your items.

Measure your new home in Asbury Park, so you will know what furniture will fit in.

Contact utility companies and disconnect services after you move. Also, make sure you will have water and electricity immediately after moving to a new home in Asbury Park.

Change your home address by visiting the USPS website or your local post office.

A picture of packing moving boxes.
Be fully prepared for Asbury Park relocation 

2 weeks before moving

Confirm the movers you hired and check the plans and the moving date. Also, make sure insurance will cover all your items during moving.

Take a few days off from your work, at least on a moving day you need to be free from work.

Forward your medical records to Asbury Park and transfer prescriptions.

1 week before moving

Finish packing and if moving locally, clean your new home.

Pack your bag and essential moving boxes.

Unplug large appliances such as washing machine, freezer, etc.

Confirm the movers again a few days before moving.

Things to see after moving to Asbury Park

After relocation is over, it is time to relax, enjoy and meet a new place where you will live. Luckily, Asbury Park is a beautiful small city on the coast that has a lot to offer. Sandy shore, beautiful nature, shops, restaurants, cafes, live music venues, Paramount theatre, museums, etc. You can save money on your New Jersey move for life after moving and visiting everything you want to see.

Some of the things you should see are:

  • Swan pedal boats on Wesley Lake which is open on weekends during summer
  • Silverball Museum Arcade is perfect for kids and arcade game lovers
  • If moving to Asbury Park with a dog, bring your furry friend to the Wonder Bar on Yappy Hour
  • The Convention Hall is home to the Paramount Theater, shops, restaurants, and there are many events every year
  • If you love German beer, live music, and an amazing view of the city and lake, visit Festhalle & Biergarten Roof Bar
  • The Stone Pony is the greatest music venues and Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen played here
  • The Asbury Park Broadwalk is the popular street with an amazing ocean view and unique shops
Paramount Theater in NJ.
Explore Asbury Park and visit all the places this coastal city can offer


Having the Asbury Park relocation guide will make your relocation easier and also you will adjust faster after moving. Moving takes a lot of time and money, it is not a secret. But, there are some ways to make it simple. Find a moving company to help you move, ask for help, organize and prepare yourself and your items, and you are ready to go. Good luck with Asbury Park relocation!

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