Arranging your plants after the move – a useful guide

Plants are very delicate and they require special care during the relocation process. You need to pack them nicely and carefully so they don’t break or get damaged during the relocation from one home to another. And when you move in, you need to pay special attention to them because they are very sensitive when it comes to changing the environment. If you are a true plant lover you probably know this but there are a lot of people out there who are not aware of this. This is why arranging your plants after the move is something that you need to do carefully. If you don’t, there are high chances that your plants are going to die no matter how good you take care of them.

Leave them outside

If you moved into a house, it is best to keep your plants outside for a while. This is going to help them recover from all the moving around. It is also much healthier for them to be outside. But if it is extremely cold and the plants you have are not meant for cold weather, it is best to put them inside as soon as you relocate. This is why it is very important to know your plants and their characteristics. For example, cacti can handle both extremely cold and hot weather. That is why they are the easiest to maintain and why a lot of people keep them. But if you live somewhere rainy, chances are that they are going to die. Cacti don’t need a lot of water so keep them inside when it is raining.

Home plants next to a window.
Get to know your plants before you relocate if you want to keep them alive after you move.

Your plants are going to need a lot of sunlight

After you move into a new home if you can’t keep your plants outside, leave them inside but next to windows. This is where they will be able to gather natural light and sunlight which helps them grow, feed and evolve. It is a good idea to maintain a constant temperature in your home. Some plants don’t handle temperature changes well. Remember to unpack your plants first. This won’t really speed up the unpacking process but it is going to be good for your plants.

A home plant on a small table.
Your plants will need places with a lot of sunlight.

Put them in bigger pots

When you are arranging your plants after the move, it would be helpful to change the pots of the plants. Putting them into bigger pots is going to make their growing process much faster. But this is also something you need to know a lot about. Some plants grow slower in bigger pots because that is when their roots start evolving more. You could end up having a very small plant with a large root. This can, later on, be a huge problem when it comes to maintaining. So, make sure you ask a professional or do some online research. The same way you would research how to compare moving quotes when it comes to moving, put in some effort and do some research on this too.

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