Alabama places ranked by average house prices

Moving to Alabama? Moving here is a good idea as this is a good place to pick and start your life over. The state offers a lot of opportunities. The job market is good and suitable for young professionals, education is great and Alabama is a place to enjoy nature with a lot to see and experience. So this is a good decision. But if you plan on moving here you should properly calculate your cost. First of all, you will have to list moving expenses. In addition, you will have certain additional expenses when buying a home. So, if you are planning to move here you should know about Alabama places ranked by average house prices. This will help you a lot in your planning process and the decision on where to move.

Real estate market in Alabama

You should really do some research into Alabama real estate market. Alabama is considered to be one of the more affordable markets as the real estate prices are lower than the national average. This situation has caused a real interest in this real estate market. So things in Alabama are getting hot.

As in the previous five years, the home values are on the rise year by year. The total growth in the last 5 years was at 15%. Total residential sales are growing in Alabama and the demand for homes is strong. This situation continues even despite the low home inventory levels and the rise in interest rates.

A street in one of Alabama places ranked by average house price
Alabama cities offer a small-town feel and are affordable and great for families.

If you are planning your move here you should consider the price of a home here. For making your decision you should know your budget. You should also make a decision on the location for moving. It would be wise to hire a real estate agent to help you through the process. But, while you are considering home cost and expenses you should keep in mind your moving cost. This is another aspect of expenses that you should consider when moving to Alabama. So, contact local movers to give you an estimate. Consulting will help you get a quote and budget your expenses.

Alabama cities and home prices

Well, to make an educated choice about moving to Alabama you should get to know the home market. It is critical to find out and be aware of the whole process before you consider moving in. Especially when searching for long-distance movers and buying a home here. So, you should keep in mind that Alabama real estate is starting at a very low home value and prices.

The average price is around 140.000 $ but the disparities between cities can be considerable. The best places to relocate to are well above that line. So here is a short representation of Alabama places ranked by average house prices.

  • Indian Springs Village is a Birmingham suburb with a rural feel and homes priced at around 367000$.
  • Meadowbrook has homes priced at around 299000$ It is a Birmingham suburb with great parks and a suburban feel
  • Madison is a suburb of Huntsville with homes priced at 253000$. It is one of the best places to live in AL and great parks and family amenities.
  • Trussville is a family-friendly suburb of Birmingham with a rural feel that offers great amenities. At 255000$ its home process is at the middle of the specter.  Moving here is easy with all the help local movers can provide. They provide packing and unpacking, transport, storage, insurance, and besides that crews in the area are very helpful and ready to make an extra effort.
    Lake in AlabamaFamilies can find good affordable homes and great natural beauties to enjoy in Alabama

Alabama is not that expensive to live in

Besides these, honorable mentions are:

  • Chelsea with prices around 232000$.
  • Priceville with prices around 195000$
  • Pelham with prices around 189000$
  • Harvest with prices around 183000 $
  • NewMarket with prices around 131000$
  • Alexandria with prices around 130000$

Alabama’s real estate market is not that expensive and it is below the national average. However, the best places are a bit on the pricy side. This is why we thought it is useful to have Alabama places ranked by average house prices, to help you out.

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