A simple guide to moving from Canada to the US

Moving from Canada to the US is a pretty big deal. That is why we have prepared this simple guide for you – to make things a bit easier and to show you who else can help you out along the way. Finding adequate help will make all the difference since moving and doing everything on your own is extremely hard. But, it doesn’t have to be. It can be so simple and easy, even stress-free. Of course, that is if you have enough time to prepare and to find people who can help you out. Now, let’s get started.

Your first step before moving from Canada to the US

We won’t be focusing on visas, paperwork, and such since this is something you surely know by now and chances are this is already over and now you are focusing on your relocation. There are plenty of things you probably know about, like things you should know before buying a house in the USA and paperwork. That is something you will be researching surely. So the first step won’t be packing. Many assume that it is, but in fact, that is your third step in this adventure of yours. The very beginning will start in your home in Canada. You will declutter it as best as possible. If you need a helping hand ask your friends and family members. Decluttering is an important part of every relocation. It makes packing much easier and of course, unpacking later on. You, just like all of us surely have some items in your home that will never be used again. Why not sell them and earn some money to cover your moving expenses? Also, there is no need to move stuff that you no longer want and need – get rid of it. This process can take from a day to a whole week so, start as soon as possible.

A woman packing clothes
Packing will be much easier now.

Packing material

You can use some of that money you just got from selling all those items that were not meant to come with you to the USA to buy packing material for your upcoming relocation. You will obviously need some good quality moving boxes or maybe instead you can rent some plastic bins. They are a much better option for the environment and they are pretty sturdy and will keep all your household belongings safe. Think about this option and of course do some research on plastic bins to see if they will work for you. You can rent them from movers. If possible, try to find reliable movers like Professional Movers Ottawa that can get you and all your household items safely to the USA. Now let’s get back to packing material. For all those small and fragile items we recommend using bubble wrap. That will keep them safe until you get to your new destination. Packing paper is also very useful. If you are lucky enough you will find one store where you can get all of this.

Using apps to help you with moving from Canada to the US

Have you heard about moving and packing apps? This can be of great help since you are not moving locally, you are going to a whole different country and you can use all the help you can get. Go to your app or play store and simply type “moving apps”. Check out top hits and download some. Most of them will be free, which is great – free help, who doesn’t want that? Those apps we recommend can help with many aspects. They can help you with packing, most of them have reminders and alarms and plenty of useful tips that can help you with your long-distance relocation.

A woman using a smarphone
Your phone can be your best assistant.

Packing tips that can be of help

  1. Start by making a list and sorting all your belongings. Everything should be packed by room because that makes much more sense and it will make unpacking much easier.
  2. Try to do decluttering at least a week before packing.
  3. Use vacuum bags for clothes to make more space inside moving boxes, they are very inexpensive and they can also be used later for storing winter clothes for example.
  4. Start packing from the smallest and most breakable items first since they require additional attention from you.
  5. Pack separately one bag that will have all the necessities for the road.
  6. If you find packing to be a bit much for you call professional movers, let them do the packing instead.

Did this help?

These are just some additional packing tips but the last one is the most important one. You do not have to do everything on your own. There are people who will gladly help you out and if it gets too hard you should find adequate assistance for this task. Now, let’s see how else professional movers can help you.

Hiring professional movers

They are the ones you call when you have a tricky relocation. Moving from Canada to the USA is one of those tricky ones since it’s far away and it’s a whole new country. Movers can deal with the planning, logistics, and customs for you. They can pack you just like we mentioned but they can do so much more. Make sure to check their website to see all the additional services they are offering in order to make your relocation much easier. Pro tip – before deciding on specific movers make sure to check their website and read the reviews.

A woman surrounded wuth cardboard boxes while packing for relocation
When it gets tough – call movers.

Final words from us

Try not to stress out. Relocations are hard but not impossible. We showed you who can help you out all you need to do is call. Good luck with your move from Canada to the USA and hopefully you will fit right in your new country. The USA has a lot to offer you and you should explore all the possibilities.

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