7 amazing reasons to move to Annandale

Located in Fairfax County, Annandale is a suburb of Washington DC. This charming small place has its particular charm and is a great destination for many moving into the Metro area. If you are planning a move to Washington, then among all others, this suburb may be the place for you. However, you have to do some research into some of the amazing reasons to move to Annandale. You can find more about it here, but feel free to dive a little deeper into just what Annandale represents and what it can offer.

Annandale – a place you will love

Annandale has a reputation for being the best place to live in Virginia. This suburb of Washington is perfectly located to offer easy access to every part of Fairfax County. As such it is a great place that families like coming to. Whether you are coming to visit or moving here you can have a great time. Its small community of around 41000 inhabitants is a mixture of nations and ethnicities although it is usually referred to as Koreatown.

Being in the center of things Annandale has it all. It has beautiful nature perfect for outdoor activities, easy assess to many events in the area. It is great for business and well connected to Washington DC. At the same time, the place offers great schools and is safe and family-friendly. It also offers a small town urban-suburban feel and is home for many professionals that come here with families.

A quiet neighborhood in Annandale is one of the amazing reasons to move to Annandale
Annandale offers a quiet atmosphere but it is also well connected to Washington.

As such it has something for everyone with a lot of restaurants, bars, and shops. If this is enough to motivate you to move here, then call fairfaxtransfer.com to handle your move professionally. If not, here’s more of what you should know about Annandale.

The greatest point about Annandale

There are many amazing reasons to move to Annandale. However, let’s stick to the main seven:

  • Schools above average
  • Safety
  • Nature and outdoors
  • Economy
  • Family Friendly
  • Position
  • Events


Annandale is known for its good schooling system The offering go schools are great and this fact attracts a lot of families here. From primary schools to colleges you can rest assured that the education is great. The schools are nationally ranked very high for their scholastic achievements. Whether public or private the schools here are top-notch.

This suburb is also known for many private catholic schools. The oldest branch of the Northern Virginia Community College is also located here offering the best education in the area. This is why most families are moving here looking to buy a home in DC and indulge in the great living conditions in Annandale.


The safety of this suburb is very high. Many people consider it to be one of the safest places in Virginia. According to the police and FBI statistics, crime rates are very low and the trust and safety of the citizens are high.


The Annandale area is known for its natural beauties and outdoor activities. it has many parks, trails, and walking paths that are suitable for many outdoor activities. The suburb even has a number of soccer and basketball fields as well as a special dog park. This makes the place perfect for outdoor, family activities.

A park in Annadale
With many parks and great nature, it is great for family outdoor activities.

Mason District Park, The Wakefield Park Chapel Park, and Annandale Community Parks are just a few worth noting. There are many more that offer great outdoor fun and are perfect for outdoor activities for the whole family. Some of them also offer skate and BMX riding classes and camps for children. It’s only one of the reasons to move to Annandale with your family.


Annandale has a strong economic prospect. Unemployment is at a low point although that is a stream of people moving in. The job market is on the increase and the salaries are experiencing a rise. This community is expensive but the income more than makes up for it. At the same time, homes are affordable at the moment. With the influx of people moving in Annandale real estate is experiencing a rise in demand.

And prices with many people now purchasing the properties expect to flip. So, if you are moving in, then be free to contact local Annadale movers and count on experts to help you out with this endeavor. They will help you out with a pallet of moving services to make the process easier.


With all this ist is clear that Nannandale is primarily the area that is great for families with children. The statistics confirm this statement with many families moving in. Education and safety are the main reasons. The economy and the job market as well as good connections with Washington make it ideal for commuting professionals.

In addition, the multitude of parks and full of outdoor activities and opportunities make it attractive for family activities. However many museums in the area also increase the value and the meaning of the area and its educational and cultural effect.

Location is one of the reasons to move to Annandale

Located less than 20 miles from Washington Annandale is perfectly situated for young professionals that commute to the city. One of the reasons to move here particularly from Washington is the proximity and a network of roads that connect the two.

A bar on the street
There are many restaurants and bars for spending time with your friend, too.

Annandale and Washington are very well connected by numerous channels making it easy and fast to move around. At the same time, this suburb is well connected with the rest of Fairfax County. This position in DC and connectivity is also making it desirable for businesses sprouting up in Washington Metro Area.


The events calendar in Annandale is full all year round. There is always something to do in the suburb and the whole of Fairfax County. From family-friendly days, going out with friends to a restaurant or pub the offer is endless. You can also enjoy local wines or indulge in the history and wonder of the area.

So, Annoindale has a lot to offer. Whether you are looking for quality family time or a night out with friends, you can have it all. There are many amazing reasons to move to Annandale you have to find the right one to get you here. After that, you can relax and enjoy the area and all it has to offer.

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