6 steps in preparing your furniture for a move

If you are planning on relocating any time soon, there are many things you need to arrange on time. One of the most daunting of them is for sure getting your furniture ready for movement. You must learn how to wrap your precious properties with care so they can survive the transport. So, take your time when preparing your furniture for a move because that is the only way you can do it accurately. Discover what materials you need, which packing technics you should apply, and how to keep your staff safe.

In the beginning, you will need a plan

Right after you decide to relocate, make sure to create a timeline for your move – a great way to stay on track with everything. It will help you with organizing, arrangements, and preparations. Whether you are relocating on your own, or with professionals, you should have a plan to guide you. On that list, put steps that are important and relevant for relocating your furniture. pl

Laptop, notebook - the equipment you will need for preparing your furniture for a move.
Here are 6 steps that need to be performed when transporting your furniture to a new location.

1 – The first step, know what you are moving

Considering how stressful this process is, you need to think about everything. That’s why for starters, you must know which furniture is coming with you to your new home. So, go room by room, and label every item that requires packing, not just the furniture. You can do that by learning how to create an inventory list in Excel. This way, you will see things much clearer, and everything will be in one place. When it is completed, it is time for the next part. 

2 – Inform yourself about the whole process of preparing your furniture for a move

Once you separate the furniture you want to transport to a new home, you should adjust the approach for their preparations accordingly. So, your job will be to learn how to do it right, so find out what tasks you have to complete to make that happen. Discover, where to get packing materials, how to load the truck, how to dismantle furniture, and many other things.

Apart from that, you also need to know how the sites like simplifystorage.com can help you out. You see, there you will gather everything that considers moving, preparing your furniture for transport, and packing materials. Thanks to that information, you will find out exactly what must be done to get your cherished furniture ready for this project.

3 – Collect materials

For the packing process, you need to gather the right materials. This is important to do well because the future of your furniture depends on that. That’s why for this part, you will require as many supplies as you can get. Start with boxes, bubble and wrapping materials, and tapes. Then, adapt the collecting to furniture type. For example, larger pieces will need extra protection with multiple blankets or pads. Use plastic wraps to secure covers. Get foams and soft materials in every size and shape that suits your items. For fragile items, you should add extra layers of protection. The edges of the furniture are quite important to prepare well for loading in the moving truck. 

The next step is preparing your furniture for a move.

4 – Learn how to properly prepare your furniture for a move

You see, if you are relocating on your own, it is quite important to know how to load your furniture for transport. The truck must be accurately ready for moving. That’s why properties like sofas or couches, even appliances, tabletops, and dressers should be loaded first and placed in the very back of the truck. 

In case you don’t want to bother with these things, make sure to learn something about furniture movers: how to find the best one and what to expect. These people can help you a lot, and they will do it for an affordable price of course. You can simply relax because they will handle loading the truck with the utmost care.

5 – Assembling and disassembling

Well, your job is to learn how to prepare furniture for moving and how to dodge injuries while performing it. Because of that, you should find out how the process of dismantling works. That is the only way you will be able to avoid damages to your furniture and the heavy lifting. So, here are some ideas that can be quite helpful:

  • First, you must know what are some of the most difficult household items to move. Be sure you can do it on your own unless you want to work with specialists. If you are DIY, develop the disassemble strategy depending on the type of furniture.
  • Collect the right tools and equipment you will need for this mission. 
  • Make sure to remove every element that can be placed away. Those can be legs from tables, tops, removable pieces, etc. Have a bag filled with those parts so you don’t lose them when the assembling process comes. 
  • Then, start packing everything that can be packed. This is the safest way to protect items like pillows, fragile parts, and other things.
In the end, your hard work will pay off when the time comes for moving in. This chance will allow you to organize the space and arrange your furniture as you want.

6 – Gather plenty of tips and tricks when preparing your furniture for a move

  • Learn where is the best place for purchasing packing materials for your items.
  • Make sure you know what supplies you are looking for.
  • Collect tips and technics for packing, wrapping, and protecting furniture. This is especially important if you are not hiring professional packers for it for you.
  • Get packing materials and equipment as much as you can to be sure your furniture is secured enough. You see, items might be damaged if they lack it. That’s why to prevent that, get plenty of supplies and everything extra and unused you can easily return. 
  • Consider taking notes so that you can put furniture pieces back together after you settle in.

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