6 fun facts that will make you want to move to Fort Worth, TX

Since we notices that many people think it’s a good idea to move to Fort Worth, Texas we had to do some research. What we found is that this is an amazing place in Texas that can be suitable for all generations. Plenty of families, digital nomads, seniors, and young professionals live here. There is a place for everyone here. So, naturally, we had to show you why this can be a great place for you as well and while we are at it we thought why not show you who can help you to get there as well? As you can see we had a busy day. But at least we found some really great things. Also, we learned 6 fun facts that you should know about this place.

#1 reason why young professionals love it and why they easily decide to move to Fort Worth

This is one of the charming cities in Texas but when it comes to the state of the economy, this is one of the best places to call home in Texas. Another great thing about Fort Worth is job opportunities. You will find a lot of them in pretty much all lines of work. Naturally, young professionals are attracted to that fact and are rushing in as we speak. Well, we write and you read. But let’s pretend a  bit that we are having a conversation.

A group of young people using a laptop to do research and decide whether to move to Fort Worth.
This is a great place for young professionals.

#2 real estate market

You can find a lot of different home styles here. Buying a house requires significant savings and careful budgeting. Fort Worth is advantageous in that it is home to a diverse array of neighborhoods, spanning the centuries. You will find historic and modern homes on the same street.

When compared with other cities of a similar size that also boast high employment rates, housing costs here are manageable. The median home price in 2017 was $235,068. As of this writing, the median cost is down to $207,500. This can be an amazing investment opportunity for you! Fort Worth’s central business district is perfect for those who want to live, work, and play in the same location. If this sounds good to you, maybe you should start by calling Evolution Moving.

The keys in the lock of an open door.
This can be a great opportunity for investment.

#3 festivals in Fort Worth are amazing

Fort Worth’s Main Street Arts Festival is the third-best in the United States. The state’s most prestigious arts festival takes place over the course of these four days. Live music, an art fair and exhibits, street performers, and gastronomic creations are all available along Sundance Square’s 18 blocks, and they’re all free to enjoy.

Some of the most talked-about movies of the year premiere at the Lone Star Film Festival every November. The five-day film festival is a utopia for movie buffs, and MovieMaker magazine recognized it as one of the 50 best film festivals that are totally worth the price of admission. Rodeos are a must, of course. A rodeo and stock show have been held in Fort Worth, Texas, since 1896, for a total of 23 days. Live music is performed every day, and the festival atmosphere draws in more than a million people each year.

#4 now for the really fun fact – the world’s largest honky-tonk

This is straight from the Texas bucket list. One of the most infamous spots in Fort Worth is Billy Bob’s Texas. The world’s largest honky-tonk, this venue is synonymous with the heritage of Fort Worth. The company that first occupied the structure did so in 1981, but the structure itself was constructed in 1910. Once hosting livestock shows and an airplane factory, it is now more commonly associated with country music also live bull riding, and even some free dancing.

#5 performance art

There is something fun to do in Fort Worth for every taste. The Bass Performance Hall is regarded as one of the top ten opera houses worldwide. The theater is located in the heart of Sundance Square and regularly hosts performances by both national touring companies and regional groups. The longest-running show in town is by the widely praised comedy group Four Day Weekend. On Fridays and Saturdays, the performers improvise based on suggestions from the audience, making each performance one-of-a-kind. Located in the heart of Sundance Square is their theater.

#6 this place is fun for all ages, even little ones

Sundance Square is representative of Fort Worth’s nightlife. You can find hip local bars, restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues in the 35-block district. Locals of Fort Worth enjoy going here for a fun night out or to host out-of-town guests. The Plaza in the middle of Sundance Square features fountains, a pavilion, and enormous umbrellas. Festivals and performances are held on the Plaza. Mi Cocina, PF Chang’s China Bistro, and the deluxe WATERS are just a few of the restaurants you’ll find in Sundance Square. Hyena’s Comedy Club is top-notch. So are the Scat Jazz Lounge, and obviously the AMC Palace 9 Theatre. They are just a few of the many options for nightlife entertainment. For little ones, you have 10 amazing playgrounds with all top-notch toddler amenities and you even have a couple of good dog parks.

colorful sign
You will be welcome here and there will always be something cool to do and see.

If you decide to move to Fort Worth

Fort Worth has all the conveniences of a big city without the stress. The city has both cultural traditions rooted in the Wild West and cutting-edge urban conveniences. The job market is strong, even by national standards. It’s easy to unwind and meet new people after a long day thanks to the abundance of activities available. Although purchasing a home at a reasonable price is possible with a little assistance, it is still a significant financial commitment. You will also need some help to get there or to move to Fort Worth to be exact. Luckily you had us to help you to learn everything there is to know about this place before you move from another state here.

Final words

Obviously, you will need to do some more research before you move to Fort Worth, and we left you some amazing reading materials to get you started. Now it’s up to you. Study them very carefully and make your final decision whether Fort Worth is just what you need and want.  Good luck!

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