5 Reasons Why You Should Live in the Chicago Suburbs

Year after year, people from all around the globe migrate to Windy City. Nothing strange about that, though! From the architecture and superb art scene to great food, friendly neighborhoods, and pockets of eclectic communities – it is clear that Chicagoland has a lot going on for it. And the suburbs are no different. Now before you roll your eyes at the mention of the word “suburbs,” take a look at our top five reasons why you should live in the Chicago suburbs. These places can genuinely save you a ton of money on home prices, provide respite from the everyday stressors of the city, give you a sense of belonging, and be an amazing place to raise your family. Plus, they are close to all the Chicago action!

1. More green space

Although Chicago is on Lake Michigan and the city residents have the sprawling greens of Grant Park to enjoy, there are more green spaces providing recreational areas in suburban than urban areas. In fact, these days, homebuyers in Chicago are reconsidering their priorities. Proximity to a downtown office? So-so. Proximity to fresh air and nature? Yes, please!

A line of trees in a park.
Life is healthier in the suburbs – both for your mind and your body.

We’ve seen people eagerly flock to neighborhood parks, playgrounds, community gardens, and other green spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. And this comes as no surprise considering the myriad physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors and connecting with nature. Green spaces are good for human health. And, as such, they have a crucial role in maintaining well-being in residential communities.

Visitors to Berens Park and East End Park in the growing Elmhurst community, for instance, have plenty of room to run, play, and picnic, while the Glen Ellyn community is pulling out all the stops to ensure a more sustainable future. St. Charles is blessed with the 40 or so meticulously maintained green spaces, and Evanston with no less than 76 parks, and 50 playgrounds, all of which provide a wonderful setting for a robust array of recreational activities. DuPage County and Cook County also boast impressive trail systems where residents can relax and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Quality Education

The top-ranked public schools, whether it’s Primary, Secondary, or High School, are also one of the reasons people pack their belongings and move to the suburbs of Chicago if they are raising a family:

  • These schools are almost always maintained properly,
  • they have thorough funding policy designs,
  • they have a staff that’s fully invested in providing the little learners with a top-notch education.

Additionally, the neighborhood families have high ambitions for the educational facility and the children. This builds a very tight-knit community of actively engaged parents and educators.

3. Friendly neighbors and community

That increased sense of community, stability and belonging is also one of the main reasons why so many people decide they should put down long-term roots in the Chicago suburbs with the help of moving professionals at golansmoving.com. Life in the downtown area of Windy City certainly has its merits. However, with neighbors constantly coming and going, you don’t get a chance to actually get to know them, let alone build lasting friendships. Plus, you are highly unlikely to be entirely comfortable letting your kiddos walk around unsupervised.

It’s different in the suburbs. When you live in the suburbs, participating in various community activities and being involved in your child’s education provides many opportunities for group inclusion and collaboration, which eventually leads to strong alliances, lasting friendships, and communal values. In that kind of enriching environment, your kids can also have a safe place to run around, explore, play, and grow.

Two female neighbors socializing.
The best thing about the suburbs? The opportunity for creating a lasting bond with your neighbors and developing a sense of security and stability.

4. Larger homes for less

Suburbs tend to draw families from all around the area and beyond because of their more affordable cost of living. As you might already know, the thing with cities is that the houses are often a lot more costly per square foot, yet limited in space. And what when the kiddos start toddling around, turning your house upside down and into their personal play area? Your home may gradually start to feel more and more entrapping. Suburban homes, on the flip side, are built to sustain families. In fact, no realtor in the suburbs of Chicago will ever show you property with a bathroom-sized kitchen or a bed that folds up into the wall.

The family-focused infrastructure of the suburbs has many benefits. It allows you to have a home where your family can spread out, play, and enjoy ample storage. It even provides plenty of room for all your dearest toys like a pool table or a piano that used to never fit in your previous shoebox apartment in the city. What’s more, with spacious streets, less traffic, and your new yard space (yes, a yard!), you can call local movers and ensure an easy transfer of your piano and other belongings right to your front door, without your stress levels flying through the roof.

A beautiful house with a yard in the Chicago suburbs.
In the suburbs, you can find a home that’s both cheaper and spacious.

Even if you’re only renting, the city of Chicago is a prime example of the colossal leap in rent prices in the urban area compared to the suburbs. Chicago actually has one of the largest gaps when it comes to urban and suburban rent prices.

In the suburbs, most homes there are larger, better managed, and more modern. This means that you can get a lot better value for your money by relocating there.

5. Peace, quiet, and privacy

What are your ears hearing at the moment? Maybe it’s the disruptive sound coming from a nearby construction site or the bustling sounds of a busy office. Or is it that omnipresent din of ambulance and police sirens? Or perhaps it’s your upstairs neighbor stomping around over your head and getting on your last nerve. Yes, noise pollution and lack of privacy are just something that comes with the territory for city dwellers. Not the kind of person who finds the sound of the bustle of the big city benign or even endearing? Then you find reliable movers and come to live in the Chicago suburbs. Bid farewell to the ear-splitting and annoying noise and welcome the blissful silence of the suburbs.

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