5 Moving hacks to make your relocation easier

No matter if you’re moving to a house that is just a few blocks away, or to a completely different city or state, the whole moving process can be exhausting. There are tons of boxes to pack, and when you arrive you need to unpack them. However, it’s not all that grey. There are ways to get over with your move pretty much trouble-free. And exactly for that occasion, we’ve made a list of moving hacks to make your relocation easier. All of these come from moving professionals and you simply can’t get it wrong with them.

Plan ahead of time

As we have already established, there are many things to complete before you even get to your moving day. So, probably the most important thing you can do is to plan ahead. Make a checklist consisting of everything you have to do until your moving day and get on it. Be prepared that packing will take the most of your time dedicated to relocation preparation. So be sure to start with it at least a month prior to the big day.

Of course, to even start with it you’ll need suitable moving supplies so be sure to stock on them too. Here we mean items like boxes, box cutters, markers, etc. Also, don’t forget about packing wrap and blankets that you will need for any fragile items that you plan to transport.

Young woman thinking about moving hacks to make your relocation easier.
Planning ahead is the most important of all the moving hacks to make your relocation easier.

Get a suitable storage space

If you’re planning to store some of your belongings, or all of them during the relocation period you’ll have to rent a storage unit. And one of the moving hacks to make your relocation easier is choosing a storage unit that suits your needs. There’s no point in cramping a sofa on top of your kitchen appliances, and you can even damage some of the most difficult household items to move if storing them inadequately.

Know what the critical areas are

If you moved ever before, you know that some rooms are more difficult to pack than the others. The kitchen is by far the hardest one to complete, so it’s recommended to start with it. There are many items and appliances to pack here, and lots of them are fragile which means packing them individually. This is a very time-consuming job so be sure to leave enough of it at your disposal. Additionally, getting a friend to help you is never a bad idea.

Kitchen waiting to be packed.
The kitchen is the most difficult room to pack, so it’s advisable to start with it.

Labeling is your best friend

We can’t stress enough how important and helpful labeling all of your moving boxes is. It can seem like an odious task, but trust us, it’s not. Even if you’re moving into a smaller home you’ll benefit from knowing where each box goes from the moment you arrive at the place. Make sure to use a waterproof, permanent marker so the labels don’t come off. Additionally, you can use different colors for different rooms to be even more organized.

Pack an essentials box

The last thing on our list of moving hacks to make your relocation easier is packing an essentials box. If you haven’t heard this expression before, we’re talking about a container that will have all of your medications, documents, and valuable items. If you have a box large enough, or if you’re moving far away, it’s not a bad idea to pack an extra set of clothes for each member of the family just to be safe.

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