5 Key differences between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento

Many of you consider moving or traveling to LA or Sacramento at one point in your life. The contrast in these cities can be crucial when deciding where to relocate, so consider our 5 key differences between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento.

Even though it’s smaller, Sacramento has many beautiful neighborhoods

We’ll be starting our differences with Sacramento. The biggest town in Sacramento County is also the state capital of California. Sacramento is a reasonably priced city with lots of outdoor activities and local attractions. Also, it is only 1.5 hours from Lake Tahoe and 1.5 hours from San Francisco. This mid-sized metropolis boasts a lot of peaceful, tree-lined lanes right in the heart of the city, despite its size. Los Angeles, on the other hand, is one of the world-famous US cities and a great gem. Given that it is 470 square miles in size, the city is significantly bigger than Sacramento. Also, it offers a wide range of outdoor activities and has a Mediterranean climate.

The climate is one of the key differences between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento

A pleasant Mediterranean environment, with warm winters and lots of sunshine, may be found in Los Angeles. Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, it has enough rain to maintain comfort without being exposed to extremes. The typical temperature in Los Angeles ranges from 70°F to 90°F, depending on the month. Sacramento, on the other hand, experiences a hot, dry Mediterranean climate with mild to chilly winters. The yearly average temp in Sacramento is about 60°F, and the weather is generally consistent and predictable. That’s why it’s important to pack your clothes properly for moving and living in either of these two places.  Although the summers can get quite warm, the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta’s marine breeze helps to keep things from getting too hot.

The cost of living is a big difference between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento

The most significant difference between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento can be found here. Overall, Los Angeles costs around 45% more than Sacramento, which is a significant difference. And even though the prices of food, groceries, and gas are essentially the same, it is home that makes for this large effect. These days, houses in Sacramento cost between $400,000 and $500,000. On the contrary, the typical home in Los Angeles is worth between $900,000 and $1,000,000. The difference between these two cities is around 100%. So, living in Sacramento be a terrific idea if you want to have a less expensive life.

When you know the difference between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento, choose a good moving company

To find assistance for your next relocation, you can browse the internet and speak with individual movers. But, if you know that you want to move to Sacramento, you can know that professionals are at your service. Moving from Los Angeles to Sacramento can be stressful. They are here to simplify the procedure as much as they can because of that.

A professional mover standing next to a moving van while helping someone relocate after learning all about the differences between living in Los Angeles and Sacramento.
The right moving company can influence your move to Sacramento!

Know that choosing the right moving company will help you and lift a weight from your shoulders when you’re relocating to Sacramento!

The job market in Sacramento compared to Los Angeles

In the last year, there has been a 0.7% increase in job growth in Sacramento. The average salary in this area is around $50,000, while the per capita income is less than the national average of $31,000. Sacramento has a close to 8% unemployment rate, so there should be plenty of available jobs in the future. Keep in mind that you can organize a move that won’t break the bank. Los Angeles also has a healthy work market, with typical incomes hovering around $50,000. The ratio between average incomes and housing in both locations is a downside but we believe that you will do just fine in Sacramento.

A man and a woman talking in an office.
It will be easy for you to find a new job when you settle in Sacramento.

There are various things to do as a Sacramento resident

One of the most reasonably priced big cities in California is Sacramento. As a result of the lower prices than in other big cities, this area is an excellent spot to start a family. Nonetheless, there are some pros and cons to residing in Los Angeles. Of all, it’s a city of possibilities and a terrific destination for creatives, visionaries, and individuals who like to get things done. You wouldn’t have to put up with expensive housing, heavy traffic, and a tight job market. You will be near freshwater lakes and rivers. You’ll also be near the mountains whenever you relocate to Sacramento, which is an extra plus. Sacramento can be an excellent starting point for you if you’re a keen hiker or skier.

A hiker looking at the mountains;
You will enjoy the beautiful scenery when living in Sacramento!

There is no lack of cultural opportunities

Sacramento has a wide variety of culturally diverse activities to offer being among the most diverse towns nationwide. Yes, it’s good to get away from Sacramento for the weekend. Without leaving Sacramento, celebrate Chinese New Year, and Cinco de Mayo. Baseball and football may not be played in the city borders, but the Sacramento Kings have a sizable NBA fanbase. One of the NBA’s most cutting-edge venues is The King’s new stadium, according to reports. There are less than 100 miles between you and the Oakland Raiders if you wish to support an NFL club.

Ideas for exploring Sacramento

  • California Theatre Company – Residents can take in as many as eight performances every week, including classical, musical, and modern plays. They work with nearby schools to engage young people.
  • Coffee – Sacramento has developed a culture centered around coffee shops if you want a morning (or afternoon) cup of the stimulant. Gourmet coffee shops have made tremendous efforts to create the ideal setting to catch up with friends and sip a cup of joe while serving drinks made by trained baristas. Every day of the week, busy coffee shops like Temple are crowded with customers, both the working crowd on weekdays and brunching on weekends.


We will delve into the cultures of Los Angeles and Sacramento in the final part. Rich and multiethnic cultures may be found in Los Angeles. Hollywood’s movie culture has made the city famous. Other aspects, such as its cuisine, arts, sports, architecture, and music culture, stand out as well. Sacramento also boasts a rich cultural diversity that exhibits a remarkable fusion of a prosperous history and an innovative present that puts it in the direction of a promising future.

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