5 Canada cities Americans love moving to

Moving to Canada has become a trend for Americans. This unique country and its cities are a magnet for Americans. Canada as such has a lot to offer. From the weather, nature to the unique and booming economy diverse communities and cultures. Americans have a lot of reasons to move here. Whether for school, work, family or something else all together they are moving in at an increasing rate. At the same time, there are some cities that have proven to be more desirable to Americans. So, let’s try to differentiate at least the top five Canada cities Americans love moving to.

Moving to Canada, Why?

Well with over 200.000 people moving to Canada each year the pertinent question becomes, Why? This influx is from almost every place on the globe. Americans are also following. Many moving companies, Number 1 Movers included are keeping busy moving a lot of Americans to Canada. So, Canada today seems to be the promised land. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Canadian nature
Nature of Canada is one of the key selling points and a magnet for everyone coming in

Canada is safe. The crime rate is very low so if you are looking for safety Canada is for you. Also, Canada’s economy is developing. The shortage of workforce is compensating through the attraction of foreign workers. So if you are looking for a good job opportunity and a career advancement chances are that Canada is for you. At the same, it can boast itself as one of the countries with the best education system. Canda is also very welcoming with a mixture of people from all over the world. Diversity of nations, religions, and languages is present everywhere.

Americans moving to Canada

With all of this and the proximity of Canada, there is no question as to why Americans are moving here. So, here are Canada cities Americans love moving to:

  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Burlington
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa


Toronto is definitely the financial capital of the country with over 220k of its residents working in finances. It is also the 4th largest city in North America making it the center of happenings. It has something for everyone and although it is quite expensive, job and career opportunities in the city can compensate. Many international, research, pharmacy, and technology companies have their companies here. However, the city offers incentives and is also attractive for entrepreneurs and startups.

With over 6 million residents, Toronto is one of the most diverse and welcoming cities In Canada. With nearly a half of its residents being foreign-born this is the city that welcomes everyone. No wonder that it attracts so many Americans that look for a reliable way to move here today.


Calgary is also a great business center with many companies having their headquarters there. The economy is booming and the job market is diverse and growing. This is the third-largest municipality and one of Canada cities Americans love moving to. This is because of the incredible amenities this city offers to families, young professionals, and singles. It is also located at the base of the rock mountains making it one of the most beautiful places in Canada. There are a lot of beautiful sights to experience and many outdoor locations to explore and enjoy in Calgary.


Burlington is a much smaller city than the others on the list offering a cozy, small-town feel to its residents. Close to Hamilton, the US border, and Toronto it is near every important transportation hub and well connected. At the same time, it is located in the most beautiful nature of Canada. The city offers an unparalleled nature and beauty and outdoor experience.

Toronto is one of Canada cities Americans love moving to
One of the most interesting locations – is Toronto itself

While moving here be sure that reliable people can give you a hand and that you won’t have any trouble settling in. Local movers will provide a whole pallet of services from moving, to storage, unpacking, and insurance to help your moving process and transition.   the city will welcome you with some of the best urban amenities like shopping, dining, festivals, and art.


Vancouver is the economic hub of British Columbia. With one of the lowest unemployment rates, it is a desirable city for professionals from all over. Transportation, construction, digital entertainment, and technology are key industries driving its development. At the same time, this is the city that is considered to be at the top for livability and quality of life. It has great nature and the most beautiful views. The city is also clean, safe, and offers great healthcare and work and life satisfaction.


Ottawa boasts itself as one of the safest cities in Canada. With just over a million residents it can also be proud to offer a small-town feel and safe and thriving neighborhoods and communities. The technology sector and federal government are the most developed sectors of the economy. The city also offers great food, art, and culture scene making it desirable for tourists. At the same time, residents can also be safe with a growing labor market and the low, below average, cost of living.

Moving to Canada for Americans, in particular, is easy.

However, anyone considering this must be well informed and prepared for the move. A long-distance move like this demands precise planning and budgeting. it also requires a good preparation period to go smoothly. So if you are considering this make sure to prepare, find the right professional help, and your move and adaptation after it will be a breeze.

Calgary downtown
Calgary is one of the cities that attracts the most interest among the American ex-pats

So, here are five Canada cities Americans love moving to. But, this list is much longer. With all it has to offer, Canada seems to be the magnet for Americans particularly. The safety, peace, and job opportunities, as well as the charm of Canada and Canadian cities, make it highly desirable for people from all over the world. Especially those moving out of the family home. All that Canada is and its proximity and accessibility to Americans also make it a desirable place for US ex-pats.

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