10 Tips for Storing Kids’ Toys

Having kids means that you will have to deal with a lot of toys at some point. The sheer amount of them can be overwhelming and can get out of hand fast. To keep the toys from taking over your life and household it is good to keep them in check with some good organization and storage. So, how do you handle storing your kids’ toys? How to keep the kids’ toys in check and stored efficiently.

Shop smartly

First of all, you must take care to be reasonable when buying toys for kids. You are not a bad parent if you do not get them everything they want. Also:

  • Do not buy surplus toys just because they are cheap
  • Do not buy expensive ones because you won’t be able to throw them away
  • Don’t keep toys for sentimental reasons
  • Encourage your kids to sort their toys out and throw away the ones they don’t use.

After taking in this advice, always try to get the kids involved in organizing and sorting out toys. With their help, you can decide on which toys to throw out, which to donate or even sell. Once you have a well-defined toy inventory, you can get down to organization and storage. In extreme cases and if you have some important and valuable toys, you can consider putting them in public storage facilities. So, try to learn more about public storage units for your toy storage.

Basement or attic is a perfect solution for storing kids’ toys

When you have too many toys, it is a good idea to use any available space for their storage. Make or buy some sturdy shelves to store the unused toys in the basement or attic. It’s a good idea to buy some transparent plastic bins to keep them. Kids tend to play with some toys and don’t really mind the others. So, you can move and store those unused toys out of sight until they are needed again. The bins can be moved periodically to the house for children to play with while some other toys get stored.

Categorize the toys

The key to making a good toy organization system is to categorize them. Try to make groups of toys that the kids play with and store them separately. Teach the kids to group the toys and put them in the same place after play. Organize all the cars as one group and stuffed toys as another, for example. Or keep all the trains together and separate from the bricks and coloring books etc.

Use Bins for Storing Kids’ Toys

Toys that the kids play within the house can also be stored in a nice and orderly fashion. Try to teach the kids to take care of toys and store them after playing. Try to get some bins for toys that will fit into the interior and also be readily available for play. Do not use large bins as they are impractical. Smaller bins are easier to move around and use.  Using transparent containers will help in finding toys as the kids will be able to locate them faster and store them after play. Also, if a necessity to move with your kids comes up, it will be easier to pack these items and prepare them for transportation. Plus, you will be able to save on your move since you already have sturdy bins for toys.

Yellow storage bin perfect for storing kids' toys.
Use transparent storage bins for easy organization


All of the toy containers should be properly labeled. A labeling system will also make it easier to find and use toys. More importantly, it will help keep things organized and in check. Labeled bins and boxes will also make it easier and faster to clean up and put everything in place.


Use shelving systems to keep toys in check. You can always display some special toys on shelves and also use them to store bins. Shelves are also good for storing board games and also books, coloring books, and art supplies.


If you want to keep your living area stylish and not let the playroom take it over, consider the furniture you buy. Try to buy multipurpose furniture that can double as storage. Use ottomans, chairs, and shelves with hidden storage. Repurpose diaper storage or charging stations into hidden toy storage. Buy stylish bins or baskets for toys etc.

Set up a simple system

Set up a system and teach the kids to follow it. Show them where the toys go and help them to put them in place. In time the kids will adopt the habit of cleaning up and having instant gratification from the activity. You can also make a rule on when to put the toys in storage and when to get them out and use them. Define a place in the basement or attic or do some research on how to find affordable storage in NY.

Define a place for toys

Agree on a place for toys and a play area with your kids. If kids play in a family room put the toys in a corner out of sight but at hand at the same time. For arts and crafts define a craft area in the kitchen for example and dedicate a shelf for the supplies. Also, teach the kids to put everything back and be nice and organized.

Make storing toys a game

Try teaching your kids to clean out the toys and store them in place after playing by making it a game. Making sorting and storing a fun activity and kids will help you be on top of the toy chaos.

Letter bricks spelling the word PLAY.
Teach your kids to organize and sort their toys.

Dealing with the number of toys kids can amount can be a struggle. You can, however, make a good system for toy organization and storage so toys won’t become a nuisance. Take the time to organize it and teach your kids to take care of them and toys won’t give you a headache.

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